Ballet Dance

Perhaps in all the dance forms around the world, none is as beautiful as the ballet dance. You can be young or old, male or female, but there is something about ballet that is simply magical.

Ballet Dance

There are some contentions to where ballet started and flourished but it is generally believed that it originated in the courts of Italy in the 16 century. Ballet was created as the dance art to the sport of fencing. It was then brought to other parts of Europe, namely France and Russia where it developed into the classical ballet we know and love today.

There are several variations of the ballet dance. The first one is the classical ballet. Classical ballet, as you may have already guessed, is largely taken from the original ballet technique and tradition. Neo-classical ballet is somewhat more modern, with dances being performed in faster music and less rigid technique. The last type is contemporary ballet that became popular in the 20th century. This is a blend of classical ballet and modern dance where the numbers and the costumes are more free flowing.

Professional Ballet Dance

While ballet is extremely popular and one of the best loved dances of all time, you will notice that this dance is not often seen in reality dance television shows. This is because unlike the other forms of dance, ballet is very technical and requires superb body control as well as grace to be able to execute it well. Professional ballet dancers spend years perfecting their technique and without passion and determination, not every dance enthusiast will be able to pull it off.

I don’t know about you, but I joined ballet classes when I was younger. I think most little girls do. It was very similar to feeling like a fairy princess—especially when the plays start. You get transported to another world where anything is possible and really—isn’t this what real art should be?

My two other sisters were extremely competent in the world of ballet. Unfortunately, I was not. Every year a certified dance official from London came to visit our ballet school to determine whether or not we are qualified to move on to the next level (with a new level means a new color leotard—pink to light blue, to dark blue, to black). My sisters always managed to get top scored while I barely made it to the next level.

I suppose this lacklustre show of performance is due because of innate awkwardness, and lack of discipline. I remember relaxing on the stretched legs during develope exercises behind my teacher’s back, and slacking off during stretches that’s why I never did get to fully execute a perfect split.

Ballet Dance Discipline

You may get away frolicking in the shallow waters of the ballet world with this, but you definitely won’t get far if you don’t have discipline to do what you have to do to accomplish your goal. You need to make a decision that you WILL be a fabulous dancer and follow through by learning as much as you can from your teacher and other resources online.

Also, it helps if you have the physique for ballet. Gorgeous that I am (just say yes), I am alas cursed with being flat footed. While this does not hinder me from important activities like walking, running, shopping—it does spell a death sentence for many a ballerina. Flat-footed people do not have the perfect point that is a basic and most critical aspect in a dancer’s career.

Weight is another issue. I do not promote stick thin figures in any way, but in ballet, a slim figure is something that is common to all aspiring prima ballerinas. It helps you to do the steps better—and it doesn’t hurt your partner’s back in lifts as well. The good news is that ballet helps in keeping the weight down so as long as you do your part in maintaining a healthy diet, you won’t have a big problem in this area.

Ballet dance is such an entrancing thing to watch—it is even more beautiful if you get to experience it first-hand. Click on the links in this page and find out how you can improve your ballet technique today.
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