Ballroom Dance Shoes

Finding the Right Ballroom Dance Shoes

You have taken ballroom dancing lessons and you decided that it’s more than a passing fancy for you and that you love it. Now you want to invest in some of the things the more professional dancers wear. Your worn black pumps have decided to finally retire on you anyway. Find out more about what you need to look for in ballroom dance shoes to be sure to get your money’s worth.

There are several kinds of shoes that female ballroom dancers use. After all, there are a number of different kinds of dances that qualify in the ballroom category. There’s the Cha Cha, Swing, Foxtrot, Waltz and Salsa just to name a few. You can use regular shoes for them all of course, but when you get more serious about this, you really need to invest in a better pair of ballroom dance shoes.

Ballroom Dance ShoesUsually you will usually find open or closed toe pumps and strappy sandals in the dance floor. Unless you are super comfortable with the sky high heels, it is best to leave those for the real professionals. Keep your heels at 1 to 3 inches only. A snug shoe that isn’t too tight is critical in a good pair of dancing shoes.

Inside Information on Ballroom Dance Shoes

You will notice that dancing shoes have a steel shank for added support. Inspect the heel carefully and as much as possible, opt for suede soled heels. This provides just the right amount of grip on the dance floor. Leather soles can sometimes be too slippery and rubber soles can attach themselves to the floor, making it dangerous for you to twist and turn.

Dancing shoes are not as sturdy as your typical pair. Therefore take extra precaution and wear them only when you are dancing so they don’t get worn out too quickly. You see ballerinas and other dancers carry around their shoes in a separate bag for a good reason. They want to preserve their shoes as long as possible. If they do get broken, there are some shoemakers that are knowledgeable on how to mend specialty shoes.

Men also have to wear good dancing shoes of course. It’s not as varied or as complicated as women’s ballroom dancing footwear but it’s just as important. Typically, a lace-up black leather Oxford is used for the standard dances. If the man is going to dance some Latin number, then he can be more adventurous with the style and add an inch or two in height as well.

Budget Considerations for Ballroom Dance Shoes

If you don’t have a big budget to spend on ballroom dance shoes, invest in a sturdy black pump with ankle strap. The flared heel will give more stability and its classic look will go well with many kinds of costumes. So are you ready to go out and buy your new pair of dancing shoes? Ballroom dancing and shoe shopping—life has never been so good.

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