Ballroom Dance Steps

Ballroom Dance Steps Learning System

Ballroom Dance Steps

Ballroom dancing has said to have started way back in the 1800s in England, and people have been interested in ballroom dance steps ever since.

Initially, ballroom dancing was met with strong resistance because of the intimacy that partnering entailed. Of course, looking at some dances showing in current music videos, ballroom dancing might seem to be one of the most conservative forms of entertainment now. Regardless, ballroom remains to be an elegant and enthralling genre that people still enjoy today.ballroom dance steps

You might watched some of those performances and let the beautiful costumes and general ambiance hypnotize you. You are considering taking ballroom dancing lessons but aren’t sure if you can even keep up with everyone else. Well if this is you, read on for some basic ballroom dancing steps and find out if you have what it takes to take on the dance floor.

Types of Ballroom Dance Steps – the Basics

Okay, first off—what particular ballroom dance are you looking at?  There are several different kinds. We will take on the very basic steps of the more popular ones so you have an idea on what to expect from them.

Let’s start with the Quick Step. As the name implies, you better be quick when you attempt to do this dance. The basic pattern of the Quick Step is slow (count 1 an 2) quick quick (counts 3 and 4). The fast ballroom dance steps of the Quick Step are done on the balls of your feet for easy maneuvering, while the slow steps are done on the heel. This is one of the more fun dances if you are able to keep up with it.

The Foxtrot is similar to Quick Step as the tempo you dance with here is very fast. The difference is that you travel the stage or dance floor with the Foxtrot and you maintain an upright position all throughout. Long steps accompany slow beats and very quick steps follow the fast counts. Partners face each other and begin to move forward and moving together with the rhythm. It is an entertaining dance to do and to watch.

The Salsa is another ballroom dance that embodies passion and grace. The basic moves on the Salsa is the back spot turn, underarm turn to right, underarm turn with head loop, cross body check and turn. Match this fiery Latin dance with the right beat and eye-catching costumes and you have yourself a show.

Cha cha cha is a Cuban form of dance that found its way to foreign soil—and that’s a good thing for us. I mean, who doesn’t want to learn the catchy cha cha cha? The nature of this particular dance is to let the ball of the foot touch the floor first, before lowering it and transferring the weight to the heel completely. When the weight on the feet is released, lift the heel so that the balls and toes have constant contact with the floor.

Remember, these ballroom dance steps are just the basic ones. If you want to learn more, you should get ballroom dancing lessons for more of these ballroom dance steps as well as the Jive, The Waltz and the Paso Doble. Enjoy!

Ballroom Dance Steps Learning System

Ballroom dance steps – the way to go!

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