A Word On Ballroom Dance Steps

Ballroom dancing is a beautiful form of art that has been around for centuries. It has stood the test of time because there is something undefinable and amazing that happens when music infuses with action and the expression of our heart is released. Ballroom dance steps, when properly performed, can be a powerful experience that far surpasses the entertainment value we sometimes contain it to be.

There are several forms of ballroom dancing that are recognized today. Each one has a story of evolution that is interesting and rich with history and heritage. There is the Tango (Argentine, American and International version), Cha cha, Rumba, Salsa, Samba, Swing (there are several kinds of Swing dances), Paso Doble, Waltz, Vienese Waltz and the Foxtrot.

For the most part, ballroom is a partner act. The man usually leads and the woman is expected to follow the claves, or subtle tugs and pushes that the man gives to indicate a change in step and direction. It is very important that both individuals understand their roles. Otherwise, the over-all performance will seem skewed and the effect will not be as fantastic as it can be.

When you are dancing with your partner, endeavor to be completely involved in them for the next few minutes. Maintain eye contact and genuinely enjoy their company as you perform. When there is authentic chemistry on the dance floor, the audience (and judges) notice and it is what will set you apart from the other technically superb dancers you are competing with.

You can learn ballroom dance steps in a number of different ways. Go to local clubs and inquire if they have a “Salsa night” or a “Samba night”. Chances are that some do and you can go there with your friends and have a blast picking up moves from the more experienced dancers. Also, visit colleges that have dancing clubs. Check when their open houses are and drop by during those days. They will have dance instructors who will charge a very minimal fee for the lessons that they will be teaching.

There are also some really good instructional dance DVDs that you can use to learn the basic ballroom dance steps. Many people are opting to go online when first starting out in ballroom so they can get a “feel” for ballroom dancing. This way they can enjoy the benefits of enjoying dancing without the potential embarrassment of falling on their face in front of strangers. Eventually though, those who learn how to dance online become really good dancers and continue on their lessons in a nearby dance studio.

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