Ballroom Classes

What is a great hobby to get into? Ballroom dancing! You probably know that since you are in this site. Ballroom dancing is an excellent way to have fun and keep fit at the same time. If you think you can handle all the fun you’ll have in dancing, then it’s time you enroll in ballroom classes today.

How did ballroom dancing come about? Well, how could it have not? Music and movement have always been a major part in a human being’s psyche, it is only natural that dance becomes an influential force in the course of our history.

The earliest record of ballroom dance reaches as far back as the 16th century during the French Renaissance of social dance. The dances that were performed then are not recognized anymore, but many of them served to be the rough template of the more modern versions of ballroom we know nowadays.

During the Victorian era (around 1800s), the waltz was becoming more known. Initially, it was more scandalous than popular because this dance involves a lot of twirling around in close embraces. However, eventually the more affluent classes started to accept it and it evolved into a more refined and elegant form of dance that we see today.

Modern ballroom dancing like the jive and the swing were developed in the 20th century. Many of these catchy and entertaining dancing originated from the soulful African Americans and Cubans that danced to the hugely popular jazz music. With the emergence of the new kind of music (like the big band style of music), many forms of dancing also sprung up.

A big proponent on the success of ballroom dancing as an art is largely due to the dance studios and Hollywood films. As Hollywood began to take notice and feature some of the more popular dances, dance studios like the Arthur Murray dance studio of America and the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing of England standardized the basic steps of these dances so that the general public could learn and use it as well. Ballroom classes became such a hit and continue to be so today.

There are several forms of ballroom dances that are accepted and recognized internationally. There are the Waltz, the Viennese Waltz, the Tango, the Foxtrot and the Quickstep. For the Latin category we have the Samba, the Rumba, the Cha Cha, the Jive and the Paso Doble. Depending on the particular style you want to learn, you can learn the steps and choreography to these dances in your ballroom classes.

Not everyone jumps into the world of dancing just like that. Some people need to get over their initial shyness of dancing in a roomful of strangers. If you or anybody you know is like this, a good alternative to beginner ballroom classes are ballroom dancing DVDs.

A good instructional dance DVD can teach you the basics of the dance you want to learn without having to be with a lot of people. Your learning curve may not be at the same level as the others and you don’t want to be embarrassed by asking the teacher to slow down for you. If your underdeveloped sense of coordination is keeping you from taking up ballroom dancing lessons, then it’s time you use the DVD to help you overcome this.

Go to the dance store in this site to direct you to an excellent DVD that you can use today. The fantastic instructors will make sure you won’t be inexperienced for long. You will be saving a lot of dollars and undue stress if you begin taking private dance lessons (via the DVD), before you enroll in a actual dance class with other people.

You might be having so much fun with your at home DVD but if you are really serious with ballroom dancing, I suggest that you still find the time and effort to enroll in a class after. You need to learn partner skills that can only be learned if you have a real, flesh and blood partner in front of you. Being comfortable with people in the room is another factor that you need to consider. Don’t worry, you will get over your shyness soon enough.

You want to learn ballroom because it is exciting and enjoyable. This is good. You need to keep in mind though that it will get a little tedious sometimes. Don’t let this stop you. Keep on keeping on and before long you will find yourself the star of an awesome performance that keeps people on the edge of their seats.

Start now by joining ballroom classes. The lessons are short and the dividends are more than worth it. What are you waiting for? Life is too important not to spend it dancing. Live well and enjoy!

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