Ballroom Dancing Dance Steps

There is nothing like creating magic with ballroom dancing dance steps. You can be from an out-of-way club in Manila or the glittery dance floors of New York, ballroom dancing makes anybody the star of their own little world— even for a short time.

Ballroom dance has been around for quite a while now. Ballroom dancing is a set of partner dances that couples enjoy doing together either for fun or for competition with other dancing couples. Especially now with all the super entertaining reality dance shows we have on television, the world of ballroom dance has flung wide open to the general public like never before.

It wasn’t always accepted though, this ballroom dancing phenomena. The waltz for instance was met with severe criticism for several decades before it became the socially accepted dance that we know today. The scandalous intertwining of bodies and twirling all over the dance floor shocked the conservative noblemen of the earlier centuries. Fortunately, over time, this dance became more polished and it caught on with people from all classes.

What ballroom dancing dance steps have caught your fancy? The waltz is a popular one but you may have a hankering for something more upbeat and fun. Do you like the swing? This sassy and entertaining dance marked the “Swinging Twenties” era and has since then stayed on as one of America’s best loved social dances around.

There are many kinds of swing. The original was the Lindy Hop, created and made popular by the people from the streets of Harlem. From the Lindy evolved the East Coast swing, the West Coast swing, Washington Hand Dancing, Carolina Shag, Imperial Swing, Jive, and many others. If you want to know who is doing the swing, just look at the couple having a blast on the dance floor.

While the waltz and the swing are extremely fun and popular, a lot of people enjoy getting their sexy on with the more exotic dance numbers. The cha cha cha, rumba, samba, and salsa are just some of the inter-cultural dances that have had many individuals out enrolling in dance classes by the droves. Who can blame them? The glitter and the sequins do little to deter the fun-loving individual to bring out her dance shoes and start the party.

Now for those of you who just want a show, then there is nothing like the dramatic tango to do it for you. Despite popular belief, the classic tango does not have the woman clenching a red rose between her teeth— but the dips and smoldering looks between the partners are part of the tango. Exquisite tango dancing gets the audience to sit at the edge of their seats. If you think you’re up for a grand performance, then I recommend you learn your tango steps as soon as possible.

Learning ballroom is fun. However, you won’t always have the initial excitement with you, especially when you have to learn the basic, often unexciting steps. Don’t let this faze you. You need a sturdy foundation in order to build a magnificent structure; you need a solid dance foundation in order to create stunning and breathtaking choreography. Keep on keeping on and you will achieve your goals soon enough.

One of the basic things you need to practice even before you get to your ballroom dancing dance steps is the importance of warming up before every lesson or performance. This can potentially save you from injuries and post-workout soreness. Warm up your stiff and cold muscles by stretching about 15 to 30 minutes before class. Roll your ankle, neck, knee and arm joints so your body will be loose and limber when you dance.

When you have sufficiently warmed up for your training, don’t rush into the more complicated dance moves right away. Believe me I have made that mistake a few times. Your excitement will understandably make you want to take on the mountains, but it will be more prudent to master the individual, basic steps first before you put them all together for a master class performance.

Of course for some of you, you might be more gifted with grace and coordination. If this is you, then feel free to accelerate your progress with however way you desire. A good ballroom dancing DVD is one way to improve yourself without leaving the comfort and privacy of your own home. Many professional dancers use online resources consistently to give them the edge over their other competitors. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced dancer, dance instructional videos are an excellent supplement you can use.

Go to the links in this site to find an excellent video to help you learn those ballroom dancing dance steps today. Be the best that you can be and you’ll never regret it.

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