Ballroom Dancing Steps

Ballroom dancing used to be a recreation associated with the elite, while folk dancing was reserved for the poorer folks. Nowadays, we see the lines are blurred as formerly perceived common dances like the tango, salsa and samba among others have joined the ranks of ballroom dancing practiced by people from around the world. Ballroom dancing steps is not just for the polished and perfect— now, it’s for the you and me as well.

Isn’t that great news? I mean really, where would the world be without the graceful lines of the waltz; the sassy hip shaking of the cha cha and the dramatic moves of the tango? I don’t know about you, but ballroom dancing steps may have been invented with color because the world just got a little bit brighter because of these awesome dance art forms.

How about you? What is your story about ballroom? It might be that you have always cherished a childhood dream of being held in the arms of your Prince Charming as you twirled around in an enchanted ballroom. Maybe you have had exciting day dreams about a smoky bar in Cuba wherein you get to rumba it up with a sexy stranger. Whatever it is, if you want to dance ballroom, there is absolutely no one stopping you but yourself.

I used to be a shy and timid person. I was fine in the “real” world, but I always wanted to do something just for me, you know what I mean? There might be no reason or practical use of learning ballroom dancing steps but you know what? That is exactly why it holds so much magic in it.

First, I tried searching for a video that will show me how to ballroom dancing online. I have to say, there weren’t a lot of really good ones out there. Sure there were some that were put together by sincere dancing enthusiasts, but that won’t help you if you are serious about learning how to dance. What you need is a professional dance instructional video taught by experts so that you find out, step-by-step how to do the basic steps of ballroom dancing.

Fortunately, I found one that was really good (you can find this video in the links provided in this article). I was able to learn about form and technique that I would be too shy to ask the teacher if I were enrolled in an actual ballroom dancing class. After a few weeks of constant practice, I was noticeably better than I was when I started and I mustered enough courage to sign up in a dance studio for lessons with a class.

You know the funny thing was, the first day I joined— they all thought I was a natural! They didn’t know about the hours I put in perfecting the ballroom dancing steps that the assumed came naturally to me. Now I have confidence, style and poise that I never had before. Don’t wait to live out your dreams—live well and have a beautiful life starting today!

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