Best Dance Exercise DVD

Have you ever wanted to dance? I’m sure there is some spark of dance dream inside of you otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this right now. What you need to fulfill your dream is the best dance exercise DVD!

You heard right, the best dance exercise DVD. After all, you want to have those toned arms, firm abdominal muscles, and smooth legs with no ounce of flab in them right? Well, the good news is, if you are dancing for exercise, this is what the happy outcome will be.

A good exercise video will work the muscles of your body so that after a period of time, you will see your body firming up. Many people use weights to define their muscles but as any exercise expert will tell you, lifting weights is not enough. You need sufficient cardiovascular activity in order for those chiseled muscles to show itself out in the open.

That’s where dancing comes in. Dancing is an excellent cardiovascular exercise that effectively keeps your heart pumping throughout the session. You can feel the burn in your legs and arms as you carry out the choreography (letting you know that you are working the muscles in these body parts), and you are sweating off the calories with the movements that you are making.

Enrolling in ballroom dancing classes will help you accomplish your goal to a fit and healthy you. You might not know this but a good one hour dance session can burn you around 300 calories, even more for dances that have a faster tempo. The constant change in direction and movement in ballroom dancing such as the tango and the swing are also helpful in developing strong bones and good balance. The onset of osteoporosis is impeded and in some cases, sufferers of Parkinson’s disease are also significantly helped.

Because ballroom dancing is social in nature, there are more benefits to dancing than just physical fitness as well. Did you know that dancing is one of the best ways to unwind? Psychiatrists aver that the music is a great way to relax— couple that with movement, then you have a really effective way to release mental tension that have accumulated throughout the day. This is especially true if you are working in a job that doesn’t require allow you to move all that much.

Other than physical and psychological benefits of dancing, dancing can also be a great tool in rehabilitation. That’s right— ballroom dancing has been known to accelerate the progress of people who have gotten into minor accidents. Of course it is prudent to seek the advice of your physical therapist before undergoing any form of activity. Consult with your doctor as to what treatment or activity will best supplement your goal to complete recovery.

Check out the links in this page to find an absolutely fantastic ballroom dancing video to help you be the best person you can be. The best dance exercise DVD is an investment that is worth its weight in gold. Enjoy a healthier and happier you today!

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