Dance Exercise Videos

Using dance exercise videos is one of the best ways to keep fit. If you want to lose the inches while having fun, there is no better way to burn calories than to dance your way through it.

There are many dance exercise videos in the market today, which is the one you should you get? Well, if you’re going to dance, you might as well learn it from an expert right? Dance instruction videos from award winning dancers are precious commodities for the serious dance enthusiast. You can never go wrong by investing in a video from an expert.

If, however, you just want to dance so that you can lose weight, it’s alright. There is no shame in that. So many people are looking for the Holy Grail to have that beach worthy body and this might be a serious contender for that.

To give you an example, an hour of the waltz or tango can burn around 210 calories. That’s a can of Coca Cola, a chocolate smoothie, almost a whole snickers bar, half a cup of buttered creamy mashed potato dish, or 5 slices of bacon. This, by the way, is roughly based on a body weight of 70kg.

For the faster ballroom dances like the swing, the foxtrot or quickstep, you can burn as much as 400 calories an hour. This is equivalent to a regular serving of French fries or a slice of dessert. I know this may not seem much to you, but remember, a few of these calories add up to a lot of inches after a while. You will do yourself a favor if you keep yourself in workout mode regularly.

Also, you don’t have to limit yourself to just an hour of ballroom dancing. Most dancers I know don’t stop with just one hour anyway. I can pretty much tell you right now that you will be having so much fun, the time will fly by so fast. You will have burned a few meals without even realizing it.

That’s the beauty of dancing. With regular workout regimens, you will be looking at the clock every 5 minutes or so. However with dancing, you will not even want to stop. I strongly encourage you to invite as much friends as you can so you really maximize your dance workout. The adage “The more the merrier” applies to your ballroom dancing adventure.

The good thing about this is that if you’re done with these dance exercise videos, you can always share lend them to your friends. If they love dancing, they would absolutely love this gift. You can also make this like a regular thing you can do with your friends. Your guy can have his poker nights, you and your girls can do hot salsa nights.

Who says you can’t have fun and lose weight at the same time? Get great dance exercise videos when you visit the links in this site today. Life should be fun— enjoy!!

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