Dance Television Shows

There are a few dance television shows that are being aired today. Who can blame those producers? There are so many unsung, talented people that pour out their hearts in their craft (dancing) and giving them a platform would only push the world of arts to another level.

Dance Television Shows Popularity

Sure, many people would say that dancing is impractical—but if you think about it, the most beautiful things in life are. These dance television shows simply shed light on a world shared by passionate individuals that are bonded together by their love for dance.

Dance Television Shows – Dancing with the Stars

Perhaps the most popular of all these dance shows is the top rated Dancing with the Stars. Of course, there is an element of celebrity that is included in this show. Who doesn’t want to watch the debonair Gilles Marini sweep his beautiful partner across the dance floor, or be inspired by the weight loss of Kirstie Alley, or be entertained by the comedic Carson Kressley? This talked about show is a favourite for more reasons than one.

Dance Television Shows – So You Think You Can Dance

So You Think You Can Dance is another excellent dance show that needs to be watched by dance aficionados. Unlike the aforementioned show, this program is participated not by celebrities, but by people who choose dancing as their profession. There is such amazing skill involved that there is seldom an episode that will not leave you breathless. Be it Tango, Contemporary or the Waltz, the amazing choreographers are as much the stars as the dancers of the show.

Dance Television Shows – Best Dance Crew

Of course, because of the sheer popularity of hip hop and pop in the music scene—it follows that there will be shows that cater specifically to this niche. Randy Jackson’s Best Dance Crew is one of the most followed shows the past years. They showcase talents from a wide range of people—youngsters, all women groups, multi-cultural hip hop groups, and even roller skating dancers (season 1).

Dance Television Shows – Got to Dance

The UK also have a fantastic dance show called Got To Dance. It is one of the biggest talent shows in UK and is hugely entertaining to watch. There are no hard and fast rules for contestants like age, gender, style of dance. The first winner was Akai, a 10 year old hip hop dancer, and season 3 winner was Prodijig, a group that performs their unique style of toe tapping, hip swaying Irish dance numbers.

If there’s anything that these reality dance shows do is that they help catapult unknowns to fame, or if they’re celebrities already, jumpstart their careers again (think Mario Lopez and his slew of hosting gigs). Jabbawockeez  are a group of insanely talented masked guys who made a huge splash in the hip hop world since starting out in Randy Jackson’s Best Dance Crew. Because of their white masks, there are no stars so to speak, it is just one cohesive unit. You look at the group and how amazing the choreography and dancing skills are. They have been featured in a few shows and films since then.

Dance Television Shows – Judges

An important aspect of these dance television shows is the host and the judges. The host should be personable enough to be liked by the audience, without losing his or her personality that they become boring. It is also super important that they are able to connect with the contestants because elimination shows can be devastating to some people and the host should be able to be support the rejected contestants as well as encourage those that are still in the competition.

Now judges can make or break the show. Obviously they are sometimes paid huge amounts of money to give their expert advice and if they have the personality to boot, even better. You can’t please everyone all the time, so often there will be criticism if a judge is too harsh, too nice, too objective or whatever. Let’s face it, if they don’t jive with your own opinion or if they find something wrong with a dancer you are supporting, then they aren’t always in your like list.

Dance Television Shows – Voting

Most of these dance competitions are driven by text or call votes. Of course the producers still need to make money and more than that, see which contestants are the most popular. Chances are the most voted contestants will sell shows or gigs that will keep them working for a long time to come (this is a good thing). The problem is that because of the sheer number of contestants from so many seasons, dancers need to distinguish themselves above the other past contestants to have any kind of longevity in the industry. Either they live a controversial lifestyle, get more projects for themselves, or grow in other skills like music or acting. If they do, then sky’s the limit for these talented peoples.

Yes, dance television shows are here to stay!

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