Kirstie Alley Dancing With the Stars

There was such a splash in the news Kirstie Alley Dancing With the Stars came out. Not only was Kirstie big news, DWTS was becoming bigger than ever at that time.

The first time it was announced that Kirstie Alley was to join DWTS in February 2011, she got a lot of fans who were supporting her. In the new series Kirstie Alley Dancing With the Stars All Star edition, we can expect the same amount of supporters, if not more, who will want Alley to finally bag the coveted mirror ball trophy.

Now, Kirstie Alley is part of the cast not just because she was a good dancer, but because she really is a huge star in her own right. She has won a Golden Globe, 2 Emmys, and 3 People’s Choice Awards and countless of other nominations for her outstanding work in the industry. Not only is she a great actress, she also co-wrote a well-received comedy series “Fat Actress” and is the executive producer of another show she starred, “Veronica’s Closet”.

With all these awards crammed in her closet, you’d think she doesn’t have space for another one—one in the size and shape of a mirror ball trophy perhaps? And yet, she is back with her original partner, Maks Chmerkovskiy—let’s just call him Maks.

Maks, like Kirstie Alley have a lot of achievements credited to him. Dancing awards from tournaments, especially in the Latin category is fairly commonplace to this sexy Ukranian dancer. However, he has fallen short of bagging the DWTS trophy for a few seasons. He has been to the finals 4 times (once with Kirstie) and hopefully, this time they finally get their chance to win.

Being that this edition of Dancing With the Stars is comprised of all the favorites and not-so-favorite-but-controversial-so-let’s-add-them-in-the-roster contestants in seasons past, it might make the climb to the top harder for the couple. They will need more than just talent and personality, they need something that will grab the audience’s support and empathy.

Probably one thing that really helped with Kirstie Alley before was her inspiring weight loss throughout the season when she first joined DWTS. She reportedly lost a total of 100 lbs and 38 inches because of the rigorous training and exercise that dancing requires. While she has no problem poking fun at her battle with weight (she did co-wrote “Fat Actress” presumably taking notes on her life), she is also happy to shed a few pounds for no other reason than it looks good on her.

Another thing is that Kirstie Alley looks good and she is, drumroll please, 61 years old. Wow, how is that for inspiring an older generation to looking good and being active? She is still gorgeous as ever, but with a handsome trainer making sure you’re on top of your game—who can blame her?

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