Making Ballroom Dance Videos

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Ballroom Dance Videos

If you are reading this, you’re probably one of those people who really love ballroom dancing. I mean, you may have famous dancers posted on your wall, have more than three pairs of ballroom dance shoes, and have a bumper sticker with “Will Dance for Food” lying around somewhere. I’m thinking you’re possibly even a really, really good dancer and that’s why you’re thinking of coming up with ballroom dance videos to show people how they too can learn how to dance.

Sure, anybody can make a ballroom dance video but not every dance video is actually as good as it should be. If you really want to make a great dance video, you need to define your goals first. Why are you doing this? Who are your target audience? How committed are you to making this project succeed? Know what you want before you take any action.

Ballroom Dance Videos by Professional Dancers

Most ballroom dance videos out there are produced and taught by professional dancers. Are you a professional dancer? Do you have awards and accreditations in your name that will give credibility in your expertise to dancing? People want to learn how to do something from people that are recognized as the best in their field and if you are not here yet, you want to build this up to make your ballroom dance videos successful.

Next, you want to plan on what you’re going to present to your viewers. How are you going to present yourself? What form of ballroom dance are you going to teach?  Do you have the ballroom dance steps that you’re showing prepared? Do you have a partner who will help teach these steps to the people watching your ballroom dance videos? You need to have a general idea of how the video would look and make a general outline of how to structure this vision in your mind.

The main body of the video should be the ballroom dance steps so make sure that you focus on making your instructions as clear and understandable as possible. Don’t make it complicated—especially if your target audience is those who are just beginning.  Wear clothes that are attractive, but not distracting—certainly not baggy clothes that will not be able to show those watching what the proper posture and form should look like. Be aware of the many factors that make a great show and incorporate that into teaching the basic steps to your viewers in the simplest way possible.

Making Ballroom Dance Videos – Are You Serious?!

I suggest that you make a simple video with friends and post it online first to see how well the response is. Solicit feedback and study what are some ways you can improve on this task. Remember, if you are serious about making professional ballroom dance videos, it will cost money in production and marketing so study every aspect of this endeavor before stepping into it.

You should also invest in buying other ballroom dance videos and learn as much as you can from them. It’s a fun and challenging adventure so buckle up and get ready for a great experience. Enjoy!

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