Real People And Ballroom Dancing

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Ballroom Dancing

If you’re into ballroom dancing you have to believe that you are the best while you’re dancing so that you can convey that confidence and sassiness authentically to your audience. Well, the truth was I really didn’t have a lot of confidence when I started. I was shy, nervous and the truth be known—maybe even a little bit embarrassed.

I really didn’t know what to expect when I decided to get into  ballroom dancing. I know about the reality dance shows and the crazy talented dancers that are out there doing impossible moves and I know I could never be at that level. Of course if anybody tried hard enough and really committed to it, sure—they could at least keep up with them but I wasn’t sure I even had the stamina to sustain the intense passion and drive that many of the hard core dancers have.

Ballroom Dancing or Some Other Type of Dancing?

Don’t get me wrong, I love to dance. I have dabbled into dancing ever since I could remember. Ballet, contemporary, classic modern—they were all beautiful to me. I never pursued any of them as closely as I thought I should though. I loved them, but I guess other interests also kept me from really getting into dancing.

Nowadays though, I have been really into ballroom. I don’t know— blame it on the super entertaining reality shows on air today. The world of ballroom dancing seems magical, otherworldly and elegant and the desire to dance started to really grow in me. So what else a girl to do than to give in to her dreams right? I enrolled in a ballroom dancing class and the experience of it all has been more than memorable. It was amazing.

Ballroom Dancing Class – What to Expect

I really didn’t know what to expect. I suppose I had the image of professional dancers sticking up their noses at a novice like me; or if not, bored and pampered people who deigned to waste their time with a fleeting fancy for ballroom dancing. I was wrong. I was with people a lot like myself—curious, adventurous, nervous and excited individuals who loved dance and was eager to see what they can do about this passion.

There I was with my “own people” and you know what? I had the time of my life! If I was scared to look foolish and make mistakes, now I wasn’t. I allowed myself to fail around people and more than that, I had fun doing so! Imagine that? We bought ballroom dance shoes together, got bruised together, laughed at our mistakes together and grew together. Let me tell you something— you may have been born into a family, but a group of family bound by choice and love is something that is precious beyond words.

There are a few things in life that have meant more to me than this adventure. I stepped out hoping I won’t fall and I discovered that I did—I fell in love with living life free! It was ballroom dancing for me but it might be something else for you. Discover your passion and dare to live your real life today.

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