Take Ballroom Dancing Lessons

OK, be honest— how much time do you spend watching those reality dance shows on TV? You have seen enough twists, dips and turns that you feel like you’re an expert yourself. If you love to dance, then why aren’t you dancing yet? Instead of just watching, you should go out and take ballroom dancing lessons and be the star that you always wanted to be.

Ballroom dancing is an absolutely fantastic hobby to take up. Not only do you get to express yourself in an enjoyable manner– you are engaging in a great exercise workout as well. Dancing burns calories fast and the good thing about it is that since you’re having so much fun, you’ll be doing it for longer which means more inches can be lost. Now, if that isn’t enough reason to take ballroom dancing lessons, I don’t know what is.

So what kind of dancing do you love to watch? What do you see yourself doing? There are many styles of ballroom dancing that you can learn to dance and enjoy.

If you are into the slower dancing, then you are probably enthralled when you watch the Waltz. I don’t blame you, the elegant bearing and beautiful lines are perfect for any magical evening. For the exuberant and playful ones, you might be more inclined to do the Swing. There are many versions of Swing that you will learn more about. Of course if you want to heat up the dance floor with sexy and steamy performances, there are several Latin dances that can get you started right away.

Of course you need to study the choreography and steps for the dances you want to do, but more than that, you need to enjoy what you’re doing. Feel the music and embody the character of the dance. One of the best ways to really get into the dance is to look the part you are playing.

What does this mean? How you look plays a big role in how you feel. You want to be the alluring siren of the Rumba? Then don a sparkly little number and strappy heels for a sexy look. The dramatic overtones of the Tango and Paso Doble should give you a good license to have a sensational dress and striking make-up on. Your showmanship is an important factor to improve your performance and engage your audience.

If you are too shy to go out and take ballroom dancing lessons— why don’t you stay home and try out learning from an online video first. This will loosen you up and make you more comfortable with yourself. There is a really good ballroom dancing DVD in the links in this article that you should watch. I’m sure if you love dancing, these resources will be more than worth the few dollars that you will be spending.

It’s time you live– I mean really live. Take ballroom dancing lessons and discover a whole new side of you that other people are waiting to see. Enjoy!

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