Tap Dancing

Not a lot of people are into tap dancing – and it’s such a shame. This fun and hugely entertaining style of dance is rich in culture and one of the most unique forms of expression in dance today.

If you are like me, when you think tap dance you think Adam Garcia from Got to Dance UK. He’s such a hottie that it’s hard to pay attention to the master class performance his feet are performing—you just want to look at his face the whole time.

Anyway, Adam is such a consummate performer it is super inspiring. I watched a camera crew follow him around in one of his shows and it got me thinking—tap is actually more than banging your toes and heels on the floor. It really is pretty interesting and challenging to the dancers. Sure the tap dancers don’t seem like they utilize a lot of their other body parts, but nonetheless, what they do not everybody can do.

You see, the incredibly quick foot movements are so specific that if you miss a beat it throws the performance off and for a less experienced dancer, it might be hard to get back on track. Fortunately we have more and more fantastic tap dancers that are emerging – a big thanks going out to exemplary performers like Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire who made this dance into a classic.

Fred Astaire is attributed to incorporating tap dancing into ballroom, propelling the noble tap into popular culture. Gene Kelly on the other hand introduced many elements of ballet into tap and this harmony of tap and ballet paved the way Broadway style of tap dance. You can watch old movies that feature their styles of dancing that they made popular in the general public.

While we see tap right now as a debonair and elegant style of dance, it was not always that way. The truth of the matter is that tap originated from Africa. It is said that the slaves were forbidden to practice their culture dances and traditions, so they created this form of dance that incorporated Irish step dance with their own style and flavour.

There are a lot of dances right now, but there are a few that are as unique and beloved as tap dancing. Why not try it for yourself? Go online and look for dancing DVDs and who knows – the next tap superstar might be born!

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