Ballroom Dancing Shoes

Beautiful Ballroom Dancing Shoes

Ballroom Dancing Shoes

Ballroom dancing has been getting more popular over the past few years, and sales of ballroom dancing shoes have skyrocketed accordingly.

Ballroom dancing is not reserved for the bored housewives or the matronly.  Not at all!  Younger, hip people and even children are getting into this form of dance as we can see with all the competitions that have been going around, including the famous TV shows that have public personalities learn how to dance like professionals in just a few weeks. If you are one of those who think ballroom dancing is just about the best part of your week—then you know that it’s a good idea to invest in a good pair of ballroom dancing shoes.

You go to a sports store and you find a variety of shoes for just about every sport. Why? Of course, you say, you need a specific type of shoe for a specific type of sport to protect yourself from injury, right? It’s the same thing with ballroom dance shoes. The right pair will ensure that you will be safe from injury and help you do well in your performance.

Ballroom Dancing Shoes – Style and Fit

So what do you need to consider when buying your dance shoes? You need to consider not just the style, but more importantly the fit and the material used.

There are so many styles of dancing shoes that you might find yourself getting confused. The staple that you should have is a good pair of black or nude pumps (ideally with a T-strap to make sure the shoe doesn’t slip out when you dance). Latin style sandals come in different colors which you can pick and choose from. Check the straps that it doesn’t dig into your ankle and make dancing more painful for you.

Your First Pair of Ballroom Dancing Shoes

If you are buying your first pair of ballroom dance shoes, you need to be there to fit the pair for yourself. It cannot be too tight or it’ll mess up your performance, and it definitely cannot be loose or you might lose it on the dance floor.

Now, the materials used for dancing shoes are usually leather or satin. However, more important than the material of the body of the shoe, you must see if the heels are covered in soft suede. Suede covered heels are ideal for gripping the hardwood dance floors. Leather heels can make one slip and rubber ones can stick to the floor and this can lead to injuries.

If you are wondering how high is appropriate for the heels, the answer is 1 to 3 inches. If not, you might find yourself having a hard time balancing yourself. Flared heels give stability, while the skinnier stilettos make twisting and turning much easier. Dancing shoes typically have steel shanks and heel cushions to provide better support for the feet.

When you have your ballroom dance footwear, take care of it by limiting its use to the dance floor. Have a different bag to carry your special shoes and store them properly. Ballroom dancing shoes can be a bit expensive so it will be good that you maintain them well to avoid having to buy another pair incessantly. Find the number of a good shoe repair shop that knows how to mend dance shoes that you can drop your shoe off for minor repairs.

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