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Learn to Dance the Samba

Do you want to have fun?  Then you will want to learn to dance the samba! This exotic dance art has been hailed by some people as the sexiest, hottest dance ever to hit the dance floor! Samba is one of the most popular export of Brazil. It is said to have originated from passionate […]


Brazilian Samba

Do you know what is one of the most eye-catching ballroom dancing there is around? If you said the Brazilian samba, you are right. Brazilian samba is a sexy and festive dance that is known and loved all over the world. The samba dance of Brazil is said to have been created by African slaves […]


The Samba

What do you know about the samba? Is it just another dance from some exotic country that found its way to foreign shores? Learn more about samba– the history and the dance, in this short and interesting article today. Samba is as close to Brazil as you can get. Yes, it is said that samba […]