Cha Cha Dance Instruction

Cha Cha Dance Instruction

Cha Cha Dance Instruction

How many of you know what the Cha Cha Cha is? Unless you have spent all your life with your nose burrowed in a book, chances are that you’ve heard about the dance that is the Cha Cha. How would you like to learn a little bit more about it? Here is a quick Cha Cha dance instruction article that should put a smile to your face.

Cha Cha is a super fun ballroom dance that everybody loves. Really, I can’t imagine somebody not breaking into a big smile after dancing this little jig for a few minutes. It is a Latin dance that has its origins in Cuba and Africa. It is characterized by catchy rhythms that help make it an easier dance to perform.

Cha Cha Dance Instruction – the Tempo

Because of its relatively fast tempo, dancing Cha Cha requires for you to use very small, almost gliding steps. The basic steps in Cha Cha are pretty easy to learn, once you get the rhythm down. When you master this, turns, shifts and direction and other fancy tricks can be embellished for it to look even more interesting and entertaining.

There are a lot of hip motions, which is a vital ingredient for the dancers to add more flavor to their performance. If you are dancing this, take note of the precise shifting of your weight in the right time and place. Some people find this a little confusing in the beginning because of the fast time, but it becomes second nature when you keep on doing it after a while.

Cha Cha Dance Instruction – Solo or Duo?

You can dance Cha Cha by yourself or with a partner. Definitely it’s more fun to do if you have a partner with you, but if you are still starting out with ballroom, you’ll be happy to know that practicing Cha Cha on your own is an easy task to do.  Put on a catchy Cha Cha song, and off you go swinging your hips and having a lot of fun.

The Cha Cha is danced in 4/4 time. The very basic steps are as follows: Hold on count 1, step forward on your left foot, Raise the right foot slightly and bring it back down on count three. Take a back step with the left foot and bring the right foot right beside the left foot. Step to the left. Repeat the steps starting with the right foot.

Isn’t that the easiest thing to do? People usually take small, quick steps but for professionals, they are able to slightly extend their lines and movements more so they can travel the length of the dance floor and do the tricks that they do. Tie that in with dazzling costumes and an upbeat, flirty attitude— you’ve  got yourself an irresistible and happy dance everyone want to be in on.

It’s one thing to learn Cha Cha dance instruction by reading it, it’s an entirely different thing to go out and do it. Go ahead— download fun Cha Cha tunes and start firing up your moves. Enjoy!

Cha Cha Dance Instruction

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