Cha Cha Dance Instruction

Isn’t it amazing how even the plainest of women or the most unassuming of men can transform into sassy creatures of the dance floor? All it takes is a little bit of hard work, a lot of heart and your complete commitment. Learn some great tips for cha cha dance instruction in this interesting article today.

Before learning cha cha dance instruction, there is one thing you need to do— feel the spirit of the cha cha dance. What does this mean? You cannot authentically dance this spicy Cuban number without thinking and believing that you are indeed a beautiful and captivating being that came on earth to fulfill his/her one mission in life: dance the cha cha. When you feel sexy, you will act sexy.

Now that you got the attitude down, it’s time to move to the beat of the music. Too often, new dancers make the mistake of not starting with the correct count or beat. If you will be performing in competitions, you need to start with the second count instead of the first count of the measure. Of course if you are just hamming it up or dancing for fun with friends, then it doesn’t really matter so long as you enjoy yourself and look good doing it.

In order for you to know how to dance the cha cha correctly with the music, you need to be able to hear the music yourself. Download a cha cha video to learn. Or better yet, invest in a cha cha dance instruction DVD that will teach you the basic steps, posture and positioning of ballroom dancing. Go to the links in this article to find a fantastic DVD that many satisfied dance enthusiasts are learning from today.

Unless you have the whole dance floor to yourself and are tasked to maximize the space, it is best to start dancing the cha cha with small steps. This way, you can transition to the next step quickly and without fumbling. Take care not to shuffle your feet too or look to your feet often because it looks amateurish. Instead, maintain eye contact with your partner at all times and enjoy each other’s company. When you do, cha cha becomes so much more fun for both you and your partner.

Once you have the footwork down, you don’t really need to exert much effort in swinging your hip like all characteristic Latin dances. The bending and straightening of the knees, as well as the shifts in weight will take care of that for you. Always remember to dance the cha cha using the ball-flat, ball-flat of your feet. Never lead with your heel, it makes for bad form and throws off the whole dance.

When you have mastered the basics of the cha cha dance instruction video, it’s time to take it out where the people can see you shine! Enroll in a dance studio and enjoy being the center of attention with your spectacular dancing when you do. Have fun!

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