Cha Cha Dance Steps

Come on— if you like ballroom, then you are definitely into the fun and sassy cha cha dance steps! I honestly don’t know anybody who does not love this. I know smiling and looking like you’re having a good time is a must when you’re performing in front of an audience but with cha cha, there is no need to try too hard. You’ll always have fun with this fabulous dance!

Cha cha is a very close relative of the mambo dance. In fact, it was because people thought the mambo was too fast and choppy that the cha cha was born. The tempo here is around 120 beats per minute and can be danced to a variety of music genres, hip hop, pop, rock and roll, or beach. More than the type of music, what is important with cha cha dance steps is finding the correct beat of the music to dance to.

What does this mean? If you are a beginner here, or if you don’t plan to learn cha cha for anything other than social and club dancing, then it really doesn’t matter when you commence your steps. If, however, you are going to perform cha cha, the dancing should start at the second beat of the music instead of the first beat. The dancers should listen very carefully not just with the melody, but with the counts in every measure of the music.

Another thing that you will notice in the cha cha (in many Latin dances actually) is the characteristic hip sway. It is known as the “Cuban motion”. The mistake many people make is that they deliberately swing their hips as to how they think it should look like. Actually, the Cuban motion is not so much purposed as it is the effect of the leg work (precise bending and straightening of legs) and foot work of the dance. When you focus on this, the alluring hip movement will come naturally.

The footwork in the cha cha dance steps is critical to the over-all outcome of the performance.  Do not take big steps. Do not shuffle or bounce your feet. Make sure you completely transfer the weight when needed so that it looks smooth and suave. And don’t look at your feet when you dance. Instead, maintain eye contact with your partner and have fun with each other! This is the best way to make cha cha look effortless and fun.

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