Dance Instruction Videos – Cha Cha Slide

There are a lot of fun dances that have been cropping up the past few decades. These quirky dances are those you can get on with friends and you have a blast learning together. The cha cha slide is one such dance. If you watch the music video of the cha cha slide dance steps, you are pretty much watching dance instruction videos of how to do it right.

The cha cha slide is a dance created in 2000 by DJ Casper. This particular dance is very unique because it came about for the specific purpose of making people fit. That’s right, DJ Casper or Mr. C used the cha cha slide for the Bally Total Fitness workout. It has then become such a surprise hit, reaching as far as Canada, New Zealand, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Because of the immense popularity of the cha cha slide, an offshoot was birthed in 2003. It also was super popular, garnering a lot of air time in radios, clubs and of course, exercise places all over the United States. Other versions by various artists tried to imitate or do a similar melody of this song but DJ Casper’s version was still the more loved and recognized song that the general public loved.

How about you? Have you heard about the cha cha slide? The phenomena that rocked the world can rock yours too. All you need to know is the basic steps and you’ve got yourself a workout and an enjoyable time with your friends.

The first step is to “Take it to the left” (or right— whatever the leader says, follow). You basically step to the left with the left foot and close it by bringing the right foot beside the left foot. Then “Take it back now”, which is taking a step back with the left and the right foot, closing the left foot beside the right. “One hop this time” is a hop in place. “Right (or left) foot let’s stomp”, stomp with the foot with animated hand gestures to make it your own.

The next step is to “Cha cha cha” or do a jazz square. A jazz square is simply putting the right foot across the left foot, take a back step with the left foot, take a right side step, then a step forward with the left foot. “Turn it around” is a grapevine step. Turn to the left, but side step with the right foot, criss cross the left over the right, take another side step to the right, then close the left foot beside it.

“Clap your hands” means what it says, clap your hands. Next is “Criss Cross”, which is jumping then landing with one foot across another, jumping out again and landing with both feet together. “Slide to the left (or right)” is sweeping to the left side by dragging the right foot beside it. “Reverse, reverse” is doing it to the opposite side.

Now “How low can you go?” is pretty much the limbo, then bring yourself back up to standing position with “Bring it to the top”. Do the “Hands on the knees” by bending and bouncing your knees to the beat while crossing the arms repeatedly with hands touching the knees. “Charlie Brown” is  the running man, then lastly, “Freeze!” is striking a pose— the most fun one you can think of.

The great thing about the cha cha slide dance steps is that you don’t even have to memorize the choreography. When you see hear the music you will know why. The lyrics says exactly what you should do. After you freeze, the dance begins again and you can keep on improving with your friends.

Can you see why this is such a great workout? The cardiovascular benefit of this alone is a lot better than walking around the block. Because you are having so much fun, you won’t even notice that you have spent hours just dancing to the really fun music and dancing with it. You can do it by yourself in the comfort of your own home, or you can play it during parties. With the cha cha slide song on, everybody is sure to have a lot of fun.

Of course even if you read the steps here, you really can’t do a lot without hearing the music or watching the music video of it. You should download the cha cha slide music video or get one of those dance instruction videos to help you out. This fun dance may not be as timeless and elegant as the waltz, but it is good exercise and you will have a blast dancing this with your friends.

Get your dance instruction videos and enjoy good health and fun today. It’s the only life worth living. Enjoy!

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