Dancing on Ice

I’ve always been fascinated with people who are exceptionally good with dancing on ice. I suppose I share this fascination with millions of people around the globe because figure ice skating is a much anticipated sport in the world arena.

Dancing on Ice

I mean, it’s hard enough to dance on solid ground—much less on solidified water. That’s just walking on thin ice if you ask me (excuse the poor attempt at a pun). Marrying grace AND balance is something to be respected for sure.

Now if you tell me I’ll never know until I’ve tried it, I will have you know that I HAVE tried it—and let’s leave it at that. I took lessons one summer when I was in my early twenties with little people—OK fine, children in grade school.

Dancing on Ice – Learning Young

Yes, it is definitely a good idea to start them as young as possible because it will be easier for them to progress further and faster. While it was a tad embarrassing for me to learn alongside these young’uns, it was a fun experience nonetheless. I came out of that summer with more bruises, cuts and stories that I did when I started.

This one time, in my attempt on dancing on ice, my skating instructor taught me how to skate backwards. It was exhilarating when I was starting to do it without falling down! I forgot one important thing though—check who was skating behind me. I knocked over a poor kid and he had a busted lip because of his fall. I still remember the dirty looks from the mother as they brought him to the clinic to clean up the wound.

From Ice Skating to Dancing on Ice

While I never got past the basics stage of ice skating, it was fun seeing the more intermediate people do their thing on ice. They would do the amazing toe loops, flips and lutzes. My favourite would be the double axels for sure. I would hold my breath (along with everybody else) until the skater would land beautifully back to her feet.

Looking back I almost wished I pursued figure skating, but I don’t suppose I’ll go very far with it. Then again, dancing is never about pleasing anyone first anyway. If you love to dance, whatever form it may be, do it with passion and commitment and it will always be well worth your time.

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