Discount Dance Shoes

Top Quality Discount Dance Shoes

There are hundreds of styles to choose from in discount dance shoes it can get dizzying sometimes. We are here to help you make the right choice, because ballroom dance shoes are an investment for every person who knows that he or she will be dancing for a while …

Discount Dance Shoes

So you just spent three months having the time of your life with ballroom dancing. Your old Mary Jane pumps are a whisper of their former selves with all the twist and turns you’ve subjected them to. What now? Let’s say it together—it’s time to buy new shoes. Yes, you’ve heard right, you just got yourself a license to shoe shop for a reason. Now if you’re worried about how much this is going to set you back don’t worry. There are great discount dance shoes available if you know what to look for.

Okay, so let’s get started. Let’s talk about the key components of dance shoes. All good ballroom shoes have a steel shank that will support the arch of your feet. As much as possible, choose pairs that have secure straps to avoid a Cinderella moment (sans the happily ever after ending). Whatever style you choose, make sure you fit your shoes to make sure that they are snug—not too tight and not too loose.

For the heels, most ballroom dancers usually use 1 to 3 inches for height. More than that and you might risk an accident. Skinny heels make twisting and turning easier, but flared heels are more solid and provide more stability for the dancer. Whatever you use, look at the heels underside and get suede covered ones. This gives the best grip and glide on most dance floors.

Discount Dance Shoes on a Tight Budget

If you are on a tight budget, then the first shoe you should invest in is a classic black pump, or a nude colored one to make your legs look longer. A pair of leather or satin pumps are good for most of the standard ballroom dances like the Waltz, Tango or Foxtrot. If you are able, get a pair with a heel cup and a T-strap to give your feet more support when you dance.

Now if you have these and you want to add on to your wardrobe—get some flashy ones to make your look more interesting. Make sure the straps of Latin dance shoes should not cut into your skin uncomfortably. Your toes should rest just at the rim of the sole. Closed-toe shoes should allow enough wiggle room for your toes as well.

How Much Will You Save on Your Discount Dance Shoes?

The average price of a pair of dance shoes goes for about $100. You can find economical ballroom dance shoes online that can cut that up to $60 to $80 for a pair. While you should by all means get the best price for your purchase, never sacrifice your comfort for a few extra bucks.

A good pair of discount dance shoes is well worth whatever you do spend on it. Shop wisely and enjoy many more years of happy dancing with your new pair of shoes!

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