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Foxtrot Dance

I’m sure you’ve heard about those awesome dance instruction videos that demonstrate various dances, including the Foxtrot dance. Are they really helpful? Will they help you become that amazing foxtrot dancer you’ve always wanted to be? It depends. If you are willing to be committed and will train for it, then yes— you can outshine even the stars when you step into that dance floor today.


Dance Instruction Videos

The great thing with dance instruction videos is that you can use them again and again. Think about it, you may not have decided whether or not you want to really get into ballroom. If you buy a video and become too busy because of work or whatever things you need to do, it’s alright. You don’t waste money, those dance instruction videos will still be there waiting for you whenever you want to brush up on your ballroom dancing skills again.

Now, what about the foxtrot dance? This is one of the best loved dances of America. It was created by a young vaudeville named Harry Fox in the 1920s— an era where fun and sassy ruled the entertainment scene. The foxtrot became the dance that marked a generation, and it continues to play a major part in ballroom dance competitions from all around the world as we speak.


Foxtrot Dance – Dance Instruction Videos

Perhaps the first thing we need to understand with the foxtrot is the rhythm of this particular dance. It is danced with a slow-slow-quick-quick, or slow-quick-quick tempo. The slow steps are stretched out and more graceful, and the quick steps are the short and energetic steps. It is vital that the dancer understands the music he or she will be dancing to to be able to pull off the foxtrot successfully.


Foxtrot Dance or Waltz?

The foxtrot is a lot like the waltz. Be prepared to travel the length of the dance floor, often in a counter clockwise fashion. Foxtrot also share the waltz’s erect posture, as well as the rise and fall movements that come in traveling dances. When the foxtrot is danced in a faster tempo, it becomes the Quickstep. The swing and the jitterbug are also very similar to the foxtrot.

It might be a little challenging for a beginner to take on the foxtrot dance, but it is not impossible. You need to equip yourself with the right tools to help you reach your goals, one of this is to get yourself a fantastic ballroom dancing DVD to teach you what to do.


Dance Instruction Videos or DVDs?

A good ballroom dance DVD can do wonders in helping you become a fantastic dancer. Even better, you can afford to make all the mistakes you want, and take all the time you need to get to where you are with a DVD. After all, you can always hit the pause button on your virtual instructor anytime. Grab a few friends and enjoy a fun time learning the steps together.

Foxtrot Dance - Dance Instruction Videos

Check out helpful dance instruction videos here if you want to know more about how to dance the foxtrot and the other ballroom dancing styles. Have fun with your Foxtrot Dance – Dance Instruction Videos!

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