Fox Trot Steps

What do you know about ballroom dancing if not how to dance the magnificent Fox Trot steps? Sure, you know it’s done in a ballroom and it concerns dancing, but what about it do you love? There are several categories of dancing that are accepted in ballroom today like the Waltz, Tango, Cha Cha, Swing, Salsa and Rumba just to name a few. Today, let’s learn about the fun and entertaining Fox Trot steps.


Fox Trot Steps

The Fox Trot is one of the more popular ballroom dances because of its light and elegant steps. It was created by a young vaudevillian named Harry Fox and his wife, Yansci. Originally, the steps were more “trotting” than anything (hence the name Fox’s trot), but it was later modified to be more danceable. The Fox Trot we know now consists of long elegant strides interspersed with some quick steps for added variety and entertainment.

Fox Trot is done in a slow, slow, quick, quick beat in 4/4 time. It can be danced in a small portion of the dance floor, but as you have probably seen in reality dance shows, Fox Trot dancers can also make full use of the whole dance floor beautifully.

Mastering the Challenging Fox Trot Steps

Fox Trot Steps
It is said that this is one of the most challenging ballroom dances there is. If you are learning how to dance, you will probably do a whole lot better with the Fox Trot if you learn the waltz and the quickstep first. The foot work can be quite tricky and you need to master this before you proceed to the more complicated and fancy steps.
Remember that with Fox Trot stseps, you need to be smooth and elegant. A choppy and unsure dancer may be appreciated for his/her efforts, but that’s about it. Timing is also very critical in Fox Trot. The long and striding steps create the distinctive rise and fall of the choreography, and the quicker counts should be done with shorter steps to make sure that the dancers keep up with the rhythm.

Fox Trot Steps

– Practise With Your Partner

Because the Fox Trot is a partner dance, you need to spend a lot of time practicing with your partner. I would imagine that Fred and Ginger danced as fantastic as they did because they were not only technically superb individually, but they learned how to complement each other when they were out on the dance floor.

The rule of thumb is that the men should lead and the women must let herself be led. If you are planning to join competitions, know that the judges are also very particular about this and will deduct points when they see a lack in partnering skills. Trust each other and enjoy each other’s company while dancing. You’ll be surprised at how well you both will dance if you learn how to relax and flow with the music.

So how about it? Are you ready to try out some Fox Trot steps today? If you love to dance, which I’m sure you do, it won’t take you long to be a great dancer in all the ballroom styles. Keep doing what you love to do and enjoy those Fox Trot steps!

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