Foxtrot Steps

Do you know what the best loved ballroom dance in the world is – many would say it’s the Foxtrot steps! Well, alright , there are a lot of really good dances out there but because this is an article about the Foxtrot, then I choose to say that Foxtrot steps are the best loved steps, and you would do well to learn more about this!


Mastering Foxtrot Steps

If you are just beginning ballroom dancing lessons, then I suggest you hold off learning Foxtrot steps until after you’ve mastered the Waltz and Quickstep. I’ve heard many dancers say that the Foxtrot is one of the most challenging dances there is and they may be right. You need to have great technical skill, precise timing and a fantastic sense of gracefulness.

Now, this isn’t to say that only those with dance DNA can master Foxtrot stpes. Of course not, anybody can learn the Foxtrot, but it will take some time to be truly great at it. In fact, many professional dancers have made it a point to excel in Foxtrot and make it their forte.


Foxtrot Steps in Words?

It’s a little challenging to explain how to dance the foxtrot in words. I would imagine that it would be even more difficult for you to learn it by reading text. I suggest that you make use of the video resources that are found in various links of this site to help you with this. You will find an absolute gem of a dance video instruction guide taught by award winning dancers that is worth every penny found in your leotards (if they ever invent one with pockets in them).

There are a few tips that can help you when learning the Foxtrot. The choreography in the Foxtrot is done in such a way that it incorporates long, striding steps and shorter quick ones. The weave is a typical Foxtrot step which is basically 6 quicksteps in a row. This should be done on your toes and with shorter gaits so you can maintain your balance easily.

Tips for Learning Foxtrot Steps Effectively

If you are the guy, lead your partner through the steps without losing your strong and elegant posture all throughout the dance. The ladies must always allow herself to be led so as not to disrupt the flow of the whole dance. Even if you are counting in your head and feeling flustered with the complicated footwork, never look down on your feet, you will likely to trip over yourself if you do. Look instead to your partner’s eyes and enjoy the performance with each other.

There is virtually no hip action in Foxtrot steps, you will do well to keep gyrations to the sexier, spicier numbers of Ballroom. Remember, think old school elegance with the big band and long flowing dresses— this is the general feel of Foxtrot steps, so carry yourself accordingly.

This quick guide to Foxtrot steps will get you started on a fun and challenging journey ahead. Are you ready for it? Check out the resources online and discover if you have what it takes to be the next Foxtrot steps superstar!

Foxtrot Steps

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