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Learning How to Waltz

How to Waltz … One of the most asked for dance is the Waltz. You may not be a fan of ballroom dancing but for most people, there will come a time where learning to do some sort of formal dance is required, hence the necessity of Waltz dancing lessons, or more specifically learning how to waltz. Read on for the basic things you need to know on how to waltz.

How to Hold a Partner When Learning How to Waltz

The first thing you need to learn when discovering how to waltz is how to hold your partner. The man and woman face each other. The man holds out his left hand and the woman gives her right hand to rest lightly on his palm. The woman’s left hand is placed on the man’s upper left arm and the man’s right hand is positioned on the woman’s shoulder blade.

The two individuals must hold a certain bearing when dancing. The backs are straight and the head held high. It’s a strong and proud posture that is offset by a gracious smile that the couple holds throughout the dance. Remember, when learning how to waltz, the man is always the leader and the woman is the follower. Waltz will not work if the roles are reversed.

How to Waltz – the Basics

Now, it’s time to move. The basic step for the waltz is the box step, with some minor variations depending on the choreography. The man steps forward with the left foot and then steps right with the right foot. The left foot comes back beside the right foot. Then he takes a step back with the right foot, back sideways with the left foot and then closes the space by bringing the right foot next to the left foot. The woman follows the natural opposite of this pattern.

That wasn’t so hard now was it? Alright, for some of you who are a little “mind-feet coordination challenged”, this is might be a little confusing. The trick here is to practice practice practice! You can develop your body’s memory when you keep doing the same thing over and over again. It doesn’t matter where you are. You can rehearse the footwork on your own in little blocks of time throughout the day.

Now that you have the basic footwork down, you can practice the simple underarm turn. If your knee-jerk reaction is “No!”, wait until you’ve read the next few lines. It’s a really simple move to add a little fun in your regular waltz. All the man does is raise his left hand up in the air; and the woman takes six steps walking in a full circle around and under the man’s hand, then returning to her original position. So that’s the man raising his hand, and the woman taking six steps— how simple was that, right?

This is the basic steps you need to know about waltz. There are other more complicated versions but unless you want to learn how to waltz like a pro and join competitions, you should stick to the basics for now. You never know— you might have so much fun and start joining ballroom dancing classes with your partner. Now that looks like a lesson I’d want to watch. Enjoy!

Learn How to Waltz

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