Jive Dance Steps

Jive Dance Steps

Jive Dance Steps

If you’re in need of fun I have a tip for you— Jive dancing! This happy and bouncy dance is not just entertaining to watch, you’ll have loads of fun dancing it as well. I have to warn you though, if you want to learn Jive dance steps, you’ve got to stock up on energy bars because this you’ll need a lot of energy when performing Jive.

History of Jive Dance Steps

What do we know about Jive dance steps? This dance rose in popularity in the 1930s and 1940s in the United States. Interestingly, “Jive” is a term used for foolish talk. It is said that the dance is named as such because it reflects the sassiness and youthful irreverence of loud Jive talk. Regardless of why it is named, Jive rose to fame not just in America, but in Europe as well when American soldiers introduced this dance to them.


Swing, Charleston, Jitterbug, Lindy Hop and Jive Dance Steps

Jive dance steps look like the cousin of many ballroom dances. The Swing, Charleston, Jitterbug and the Lindy Hop all look like very similar to the Jive. Indeed, many of the steps in these dances are used interchangeably with Jive dance steps. It is notable that Jive is actually included in the category of Latin dances.

Even though Jive dancing looks like a flurry of twirling kicks and flailing limbs, it is a very precise form of dance that requires a lot of practice if you plan to perform it professionally. Choose your partner well. You need to develop good partnering skills in order to pull off this dance convincingly. If you practice often, you will be able to anticipate each other’s moves and make it look completely effortless and enjoyable.Jive Dancing Dresses

Jive Dance DressesThere are a number of styles when choosing Jive costumes. It depends on the theme and choreography of your dance. What is important is that you make sure that your costume fit you well to avoid any “wardrobe malfunction” from happening. The quality of material and tailoring (make sure embellishments are securely attached to the costumes) are other important factors to consider. Be as comfortable as possible in the costume so that you can dance without having to worry about how you look.

Ballroom Dancing ShoesMore than the costumes— keep in mind that having the right dance footwear is very important when you start dancing seriously. Dance shoes are specially constructed to cater to a dancer’s needs so regular sandals and pumps will not suffice. Look for suede covered heels, snug straps and extra padding to adequately support your feet while dancing.

Jive dancing may be fun, but always remember to take the time to stretch, warm up and cool down during your dance sessions. This will prevent any injuries and muscle mishaps from happening when you perform. Practice the basic steps well before you get yourself immersed with the more complicated moves. Walking through the dance first helps dancers remember and perform Jive dance steps better.

Ballroom dancing can be complicated, but it’s worth it to learn. Enjoy learning your Jive dance steps and have a blast in the dance floor!

Jive Dance Steps

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