Jive Dance Steps

Jive dance steps is a fusion of boogie, swing and rock and roll. It is like a lively, naughty version of the Jitterbug. It is actually the fastest form of Latin dance which has a lot of kicks, bending and rocking of the hips. Despite the speed of the dance, the footwork is very controlled and requires a lot of skill and discipline to pull off. Many of the steps are similar to the East Coast Swing form of dance. Jive is a Latin dance that originated in the 1930s in the US.

Jive Dance Steps


Popularity of Jive Dance Steps

Jive became very popular with the younger generation in Europe in the 1940’s because of its energetic dance steps and catchy tunes it was danced to. You could see Jive being danced in their school dances and clubs.

When you talk about Jive dance steps, you talk about people dancing with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. The basic form of Jive has two triple steps and a rock step. The Jive starts it’s counting with the rock step at a “1,2” counting. The next two triple steps are then counted as “3 and 4” and “5 and 6” (Chasse). Rock step means you change weight or transfer your weight from one foot to another. However, instead of putting the weight to the side, you will actually take a small back step when you shift your weight. Chasse on the other hand is a series of three steps going to the side.


How to Dance Jive Dance Steps

If you want to learn how to dance Jive dance steps the most important thing to remember is for beginners to learn to dance to the rhythm of the music. Since Jive is a fast, technical dance, learning to dance to the drum line and rather than the melody, will help dancers be in tune with the music and to his or her partner.

Jive dance steps is done with a man facing the woman. The man’s left hand will hold the woman’s right hand loosely. As the man leads the dance with his left foot, his partner will follow his movements. It is actually quite easy to learn as long as you do not have two left feet and you know how to dance to the beat. It can be quite intimidating in the start because of the energy that is required for it to be pulled off. However, once you become confident in the beat and in your steps, it is actually quite fun and easy to do.

Learning Jive Dance Steps

Jive dance steps are still very much alive and continue to be learned by our generation. You can see Jive being used in a lot of theatrical performances and competitions. People use a variety of costumes depending on the theme for which the dance is used. It continues to bring smile and joy to the dancers and to the people who watch these dancers perform. Learn more about Jive dance steps and other exciting forms of ballroom dancing when you click on the links on this page.

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