Learning Jive Dance Steps

Let’s learn more about Jive dance steps right here …  So where did Jive start?  With Swing!


Jive Dance Steps

Swing is a popular style of ballroom dancing. So much so that it has further sub-evolved to different kinds of dancing. The Swing has given birth to the Lindy Hop, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Boogie-woogie, Washington Hand Dancing, Balboa, Carolina Shag, and the Jive among others.

The Jive is a lively and fast dance that is performed at around 200 beats per minute. The partners face each other, although they do not travel all around the dance floor like many of the dances do. Of course, this can be amended depending on the choreographer’s preference.


Typically, there are a lot of kicks, twists and turns in the Jive. Sometimes, you will think that the couple doing Jive dance steps have their limbs all over the place without much forethought, but actually there is a very specific reason for every movement done here. It looks complicated so master the very basic Jive dance steps first and then gradually embellish it with the fancy steps afterwards.


Jive Dance Steps – Take the Lead!

As with most ballroom dancing, the men usually take the lead. Here are the basic Jive dance steps for men: Rock back with the left foot. Keep the right foot in place and then shift your weight to the right leg. Take a step to the left with the left foot, and bring the right foot beside it. Take another side step to the left, but keep the right foot in place, shifting your weight to the right foot. Take a step to the right with the left foot, and another step to the left side with the right foot.

For the partner following, usually the women, here are the jive dance steps that they will be doing: Rock forward with the right foot, keep the left foot in place while shifting the weight back to it. Take a right side step and bring the left foot beside the right foot. Take another right step. Keep the left foot in place and shift your weight back to the left foot. Take a step to the left with the right foot, and a step to the right with the left foot.

Jive Dance Steps

Variations of Jive Dance Steps

Now, there are many variations of the jive dance steps, the abovementioned pattern is the basic footwork that most dancers will use. Definitely you cannot adequately practice the Jive without the music so go online and find a Jive music you can practice this with. There is an excellent ballroom dancing DVD in this site that will not only be helpful to you to practice dancing, it will also give you insider tips from professional and award winning dancers as well.

What are you waiting for? I know you just love to groove and have fun at the dance floor, what better way than to do it with one of the best versions of swing? Practice these jive dance steps today and enjoy having a fantastic time with your friends when you do.

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