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Learn Rumba Dance Steps

Learn Rumba

Are you learning ballroom dancing? What kind of dances have you performed already? Maybe you are getting quite good already and comfortable with your lessons, and then your instructor brings out the big guns— the Rumba. This super sensual and passionate dance got you all nervous and now you are here finding out all you can to learn Rumba.

Rumba is an extremely passionate dance. It is said that this dance is a story about the woman tempting and teasing the man, then pulls away. Rumba is a dance of love and sensuality so if you blush easily—you’re in for some interesting lessons ahead if you intend to learn Rumba starting now!

You will notice that all ballroom dance have a lot of intricate footwork. Rumba is perhaps the dance that least emphasizes the footwork. Instead, the exaggeration of the body movements and form is highlighted. In fact, the body of the dancers changes its slow and opulent lines often during the course of the performance. This is one of the reasons why Rumba is so mesmerizing to watch.

Learn Rumba Basic Steps

The basic step when you start to learn Rumba is the box step. It starts out with the man and woman facing each other. The man’s left hand holds the woman’s right hand and his right hand is lightly positioned underneath the woman’s shoulder blade. The woman’s left hand rests on the man’s shoulder or back.

First, the man takes a step forward with the left foot, and then a side step to the right, then the left foot steps back beside the right foot. Now, the right foot takes a step back, the left foot steps to the side and then the right foot, gets back in position beside the left foot. The partner mirrors these steps.

I’m sure that for someone like you, the box step is a simple enough dance step to master— that is, if you have not mastered it already. As we have mentioned earlier, it’s not so much the footwork but the body movements and the flirtatious interplay between the partners that is emphasized in the Rumba. Expect a lot of “interesting” dance moves here like the Fan, Hockey Stick, Alemana Turn, Aida, Open Hip Twist, La Elenita, Fencing Line, El Paseo and A LOT of hip rolls.

Learn Rumba for Fun!

Rumba was originally danced to African and Cuban type of music, but over time, Western, Blues and Rock have found its way to the Rumba dance. If you are game for an exciting dance, then you will have some fun with the Rumba. If you are more conservative and shy— then this is the perfect opportunity to break out of your shell! Put on a hot dress, strappy heels, a red lipstick and your best sexy attitude (of course these are preferable seen on the woman) and you’ve got the groundwork for some serious Rumba dancing.

What are you waiting for? You joined dancing lessons to have some fun right? Well, there’s no better time to start than the present. Learn Rumba and have a blast in the dance floor tonight!

Learn Rumba

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