Rumba Dance Steps

Learn Rumba Dance Steps

Rumba Dance Steps

We all know the Cha Cha, the Salsa and the Samba—but how many of us know about their other Latin sister, the Rumba? It is a beautiful and entrancing dance that not a lot of people are familiar with. Discover interesting facts and the story behind Rumba dance steps right here.

Rumba (or as it is also sometimes referred to – Rhumba) is another Afro-Cuban dance that first came to American shores in 1913. During the 1920s a band leader named Emil Coleman fell in love with the rumba and tried to make it popular by having musicians play Rumba music often. He didn’t succeed then, but that didn’t stop America from falling in love with this dance eventually. It was in the 1930s that the rumba craze ignited and the nation was never the same again.

Rumba Dance Steps Moves

This dance is characterized by its sensual and romantic moves. It is generally danced with a quick count, followed by two slow counts. If you are practicing Rumba, you need to take a lot of time practicing with your partner and get in sync with each other’s timing. When you do, it will look beautiful.

Almost all Cuban dances are known for the movement of the hips. This is more noticeable in Rumba. It is the precise motions executed by the dancers’ knees, ankles and feet that result in the lovely hip swaying movements. For some, it seems too exaggerated. However, given the style and over-all feel of the dance, it is expected.

Costumes for Rumba Dance Steps

The costume for Rumba is attractive and eye-catching. The men wear trousers and a ruffled top in a color that matches his belt sash. The women usually wear midriff tops with ruffled sleeves and a skirt that is heavily ruffled as well. The ladies typically wear turbans with a jewel accent piece in the center. Of course the style and over-all look of the rumba costumes get tweaked and re-designed over the years to what will engage the audience more. Whatever the look though, if you are dancing Rumba, make sure you and your partner have similar costumes to make it more appealing to watch.

The most important thing about learning the Rumba is the connection between the partners. The man should lead and the woman should allow herself to be led. As you keep the physical connection in the steps, the eye contact should also be maintained at all time. Remember, this is a steamy and romantic form of dance so be in character and let your dancing keep the audience at the edge of their seats.

There is a lot more you can learn about Rumba that this short article couldn’t possible cover. I don’t know if you are already learning Rumba dance steps but if you’re not, you should! It’s a great workout for your body but more than that, you will look forward to dancing off every single one of those calories. Yes, that means you can give yourself license to eat those cookies. Now if that’s not worth the lessons, I don’t know what is.

Rumba Dance Steps

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