Dance Instruction Videos – Rumba Dance Steps

Dance instruction videos are an effective way to learn rumba dance steps. Whether you are a beginner  who wants to know the basic steps, or a pro that needs some brushing up on his skills— there is nothing like a good video that will usher you in the era of superstar dancing.

The rumba is a sexy story of seduction that has its origins in Cuba. It is characterized mostly by the distinctive hip movement that is prevalent in most Latin dances. What beginners fail to realize most of the time is that this hip sway motion is not something that you deliberately do— it is the natural effect of the choreography of the dance.

This means that once you get the foot work and the weight changes down, the hips naturally take on the Cuban hip sway that has lured many a men to submission. Other distinctive rumba dance steps moves are the fan, the hockey stick, alemana turn, aida, open hip twist, la elenita, fencing line, hip rolls and el paseo.

It is not enough to read about the 1-2-3 steps in how to dance the rumba, you have to hear the music and see it actually being done like in those dance instruction videos. When you see the proper way on how to do the basic steps, then the rest will follow easily.

Go to the links in this site to find fantastic dance instruction videos that are taught by award winning dancers. If you think about it, you are actually getting a steal because the value for being under these really great instructors are really worth more than the few dollars that you will spend for the DVD. Don’t wait long, grab this amazing DVD and become the star that you always wished you were. Enjoy!

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