Learn Rumba

Do you want to learn rumba? It may look complicated to the untrained eye but do you want to know a secret— it’s really not all that hard. Anybody can learn how to rumba. All you need is to know the basics, and you’re good to go!

Rumba, more than most ballroom dances, is a passionate and sexy dance. It is a story of a strong and virile man chasing after a sultry and sexy temptress. So probably the first tip in order to get your rumba on is this: don’t be shy! If you don’t see yourself as sexy, then it’s time that you do. Get into character and believe in yourself. Doing so will captivate and keep your audience’s attention.

Of course, being a dancer, you need to be able to catch the beat if you want to learn rumba. I would recommend that you download some rumba music so you know what I’m talking about. In fact, you can buy an instructional video that would greatly help you improve your dancing. Go to the links in this site to purchase an excellent ballroom dancing video taught by award winning dancers. It is a worthwhile investment to the serious student of dance.

As with all ballroom dances, you need to learn the basic footwork and gradually build up on that. Remember to dance with the balls of your feet and keep watch with the shifts in weight because this is what will make the hips sway like it should. Master the basic footwork and you can proceed to the more advanced steps like the fan. Hockey stick, Alemana turn, Open hip twist, Aida, La Elenita, Fencing Line and El Paseo.

While the footwork is important, rumba is perhaps the dance wherein the upper body movements is more pronounced than other styles of dancing. Long, fluid motions that keep in count with the heavy drum, claves and maracas characterize the dramatic intensity of the dance. You need to be well-controlled and exude passion as you let your body move to the music.

If you plan to perform the rumba, make time to practice with your partner often. You have to build up your connection with each other because after all, it is a love dance. Maintain eye contact throughout the dance and engage in flirtatious interplay with each other. This is what the judges will be looking for. More than the chemistry, if you know each other well enough, you can anticipate each other’s moves and this will make for a fantastic performance.

And last but not the least— enjoy yourself! If you don’t have this, you shouldn’t even be bothering to learn rumba. Your objective is to live life to the fullest and if this means dancing, then dance with your whole heart! Be passionate in all that you do and you will live life without regrets and in constant anticipation of the good that’s coming next. So what are you waiting for? Grab your dance shoes and start living today!

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