Rhumba Dance

There are a few dances that are as passionate and vivid as the rhumba dance. It is one of the most popular ballroom dances as it is known to be the steamiest one of all. Let’s learn more about rhumba and its history in this short article today.

Rhumba’s birth is attributed to both Spain and Africa, but it developed into the rhumba that we know from Cuba and Latin America. It is said that this dance was started by slaves that were brought in from Africa as early as the 16th century. You will notice that the sounds are heavily influenced by the spirited and soulful Africans. The instruments that are heard here are the claves, maracas and drums.

Now, when this dance reached the shores of Cuba, it was modified to a more refined and slower version of its ancestor. Because of the footwork and form of the dance, the women’s hips would sway and tilt suggestively, retaining the extremely sexy feel of the dance.

The first time that Americans tried to introduce the rhumba dance to their own country, it wasn’t received quite as well. Ten years later though, during the 1920s and early 1930s, because of the efforts of a band leader named Emil Coleman, rhumba became a hit in the United States and later, in Europe.

Latin styles of music and dance became the trend during the early thirties. Movies were made that showcased this sexy dance and this further contributed to the popularity of rhumba. Over time, people’s interest waned, but because of the hip and entertaining reality dance shows that are all the rage today, ballroom dancing is enjoying its place in the spot light once again.

Maybe you are not so familiar with Latin dances. Well, rhumba is pretty hard to ignore. The costumes that women wear here are— let’s just say you wouldn’t normally wear them to pick up your kids in school. Then again if you like ruffles, you will be just fine. The skirt and sleeves of the woman has layers and layers of colorful ruffles that match the color of the costume of her partner. The man on the other hand, wears slacks, belt sash, and a silk open collared shirt with yes you guessed right— ruffles.

Of course the costumes are subject to the dancer and choreographer’s styling. You can modify the traditional wear and embellish it as you see fit. This is especially important in competition. Showmanship counts for a lot so make sure you sparkle and have a costume that makes you feel beautiful. After all, the spirit of rhumba is being sexy and passionate so it is very important that you embody that in your mind.

Now that you know a little bit about the rhumba dance, are you interested in trying it out for yourself? There are helpful online videos in this site that will teach you expert ballroom dancing tips in the comfort of your own home. Check out these great resources and enjoy your rhumba experience today!

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