Rumba Dance Guide

If you want to perform a sexy ballroom number, look no further than the rumba dance. This exotic dance of African-Carribean origin is a passionate love story between a strong man being teased and tempted by a sexy woman. Now, you don’t actually have to be dating your partner to be able to pull this off, but if you can convince your significant other to join you in learning the rumba, it will do wonders for your relationship.

Rumba is really a beautiful art to watch. You see the interplay between the flirtatious woman and the man. This is perhaps, the ballroom dance which focuses more on the upper body movements rather than the footwork. Expect to see large, exaggerated and flowing body shapes that will captivate the watching audience.

While there is not a lot of extremely intricate footwork involved here, the legs still play a big role in the general flow of the dance. The choreography of the bending and stretching of the legs results in the suggestive hip sway and movement that characterizes this dance. Between the drama of the elongated body shapes and the sensual hip movements, it is a dance that people will not soon forget.

How about you? Are you interested in learning this fascinating and enthralling dance. I assure you, as exciting as it looks— it’s even more thrilling when you’re the one dancing it. Here are some quick tips for you to remember when you decide on taking part of the rumba dance.

More than anything else, you need to embody the spirit of rumba. What is this? A strong man and a confident, coy woman engaged in a passionate love dance. Remember that you need to exaggerate your movements so throw away your shyness out the window. Take strong, solid walks and maintain smoldering eye contact with your partner.

When you dance, never dance flat footed. In other words, dance with the balls of your feet. Never lead with the heel. Lead with your weight on the inner edge of the ball of your foot and smoothly lower the heel. Be precise with where you should be leaning your weight because the wrong shift will throw off the form of your body. This subtle movement is where your dance and its characteristic hip movements will be based on.

Since the rumba dance is a partnership effort, make it a point to really connect with your partner. When you establish a connection with him/her, it will be easier to anticipate each other’s moves. Practice with each other constantly so that when performance comes, the flow between the both of you will be effortless. Another tip for men dancing the rumba is to never allow the hand to hang below the waistline. It should always be held above the waist.

So there, your basic rumba dance guide. There is so much more to learn and we have only scratched the surface of it. Find more helpful resources in this fantastic website today to enjoy the wonderful world of dance. Have fun!

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