Rumba Dance Instructions

If you love to dance, then one of the best things you will want to learn is how to dance the rumba. This is a spicy and exciting dance that everybody loves to watch and perform. The question now is, are you ready for it? Here are some rumba dance instructions that will help you be a fantastic dancer today.

For everybody who has ever seen the rumba, you know that the hip swinging motion is a feature most pronounced in the dancers. The swinging hip is not done intentionally. It is the effect of the precise pattern of the dancer’s footwork and leg movements that make it so.

To achieve this alluring hip action, take a step with the inner ball of your foot and lower the heel slowly. Watch the choreography closely and take note of the shifts in weight. When the knee of one leg bends, then the hip moves by dropping. As the knee straightens up, then the hip rises with it. It might be a little confusing for the new dancer at first but with enough practice, the steps will progress smoothly and the sexy hip swaying motion is produced effortlessly.

One of the most common mistakes that new dancers also make is not finding the rhythm of the rumba music. This can be tricky because rumba steps are danced in a quick, quick, slow count. You need to master this in order to be a competent rumba dancer and it is almost impossible to teach this adequately without music and images.
Another thing you need to practice in rumba is your partnering skills. Keep in mind that rumba is first and foremost, a dance of love and passion. You cannot be a superb dancer without being able to express the spirit of the dance you are performing. I mean, that’s the whole point of dancing right? To be able to convey through your body to your audience, the emotions that people feel in a beautiful way.

To master how to catch the beat in rumba, get rumba dance instructions online. There are several excellent dance DVDs that make sure the student is well equipped to learn these critical aspects in ballroom dancing. The good thing about this is that when you use the DVDs, you can always go back to it when you need a refresher course, or when there is a step you don’t quite understand. Go to the links found in this article to find a fantastic dance DVD that can help you be the best dancer that you can be.

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