Rumba Dance Steps

I’ve been in dance classes for a while now and one of the most common inquiries is from people who want to learn rumba dance steps. I’m not really surprised. If you want an exciting and passionate form of dance, rumba is the dance for you.

What is rumba? Rumba is a dance commonly acknowledged to have come from Cuba and indeed, these passionate people have done a whole lot to the dance that we now know. But did you know that rumba actually originated from Africa? Yes, the original form of this dance was wilder and more vigorous than how we know it today. You can still hear traces of its African heritage in the original music used (heavy with drums, maracas and claves) which is reflective of the spirit of the dance.

Rumba dance steps when they first came to Cuba, were said to have looked like animals or slaves that moved with burdens on their backs. Some said it also looked like an aggressive sexual interplay between the woman and the man. Whatever it is, Rumba was modified and polished over time without losing its sensual overtones. Eventually, it was included as part of the international ballroom dancing styles of dancing under Latin dances.

If you want to dance the rumba authentically, you have to keep in mind that what makes this work is the attitude and correct posture in dancing. You may not be a professional dancer yet, but if you master this, you will be able to make even the simplest movements look sophisticated and breathtaking.

One of the outstanding characteristic of rumba is the hip sway movement. This is not the result of a deliberate swinging of the hips. Rather, this movement is the effect of the bending and straightening of the knees/legs as the basic pattern goes. When the step calls for the knee to bend, the adjoining hip drops; when the knee straightens, the hip rises accordingly, hence the rumba hip sway movement is produced.

Another thing you will do well to remember in rumba dance steps is that you should dance on the balls of your feet. Never lead with the heel. Your steps should begin with the ball of the feet, slowly shifting your weight as the heel is lowered. Dancing otherwise is dancing flat-footed, and this is not a graceful thing to watch.

If you want to know more about rumba, you should purchase an online instructional video to help you with this. These videos are taught by professionals so you know that you are learning the right way. It would include rumba dance steps diagram that will help you understand the dance better, as well as insider tips on the correct posture, form and positioning.

Learning rumba dance steps is not for the timid and shy. If you think you have what it takes to be a fantastic rumba dancer, then go out there and get started with your lessons today! Have fun!

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