Salsa Steps

Learn Salsa Steps

Salsa Steps

Salsa dancing is a dance that sizzles, and salsa steps are probably not as difficult as you think.

What’s your dream vacation? For many, it’s laying on a beach somewhere in the tropics with some sort of alcohol concoction with an umbrella on it. It’s spending hot summer days in the sun and cool nights in a warm and sexy bar with friends and good music dancing the night away. Well, one day that day will come, but while it’s still on its way, you can start learning some salsa steps so you’ll be ready to pack your shorts and sandals as soon as you can.

Salsa Steps – Attitude!

Before anything else, we need to learn two essential tips for the sexy and sassy salsa dance. The first of which is the attitude. Salsa is not so much sexual as it is a sensual and alluring. You’ve got to wear your attitude better like the dress (or shirt) you have on. Can you imagine saying yes to an insecure and sweaty man asking you out to dance? Of course not! Put on your best clothes and feel sexy and you’ve already won half the battle.

The next important tip is to feel the tempo. This means that you know how to flow with the beat of the music. I’m guessing that if you were in a vacation you wouldn’t put on a performance anyway, you and your friends will just be in a club enjoying the beautiful, summer night. Gently sway your hips and move your body to where the music is taking you.

Alright, so how complicated is it to learn salsa dance steps? It’s really not all that difficult. There are many forms of salsa but they follow a basic pattern that you can easily pick up once you master the basic dance moves. So are you ready for your quickie lesson right here right now? Let’s begin.

Play some flirty salsa music in the background and find the beat. Start tapping your feet to it and feeling the music. Then take a step forward (if you’re a man with the left foot, if you’re a woman with the right foot) and then rock your weight back to the other foot. Step back, returning back to the original position and do the same with the other foot again. Do this for a while and you have got the fundamental salsa moves down.

Salsa Steps – Partnered or Solo?

Salsa is usually done with a partner but it can also be done solo. Believe me— if you are self-confident and you feel sexy, it will work to your benefit so don’t be surprised if people from the opposite gender start inching their way towards you. When they do, have fun with it! Remember, as we have previously said, salsa is more flirty and sensual than overtly sexual so leave the heavy gyrations with the MTV videos.

See, salsa dance steps aren’t so hard now are they? It’s really all about having fun with great music and friends so as long as you have that—you really can’t lose. Now, go practice these simple salsa steps and start saving up for that awesome vacation already!

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