Advanced Salsa Dance Steps

Salsa Dance Steps

Advanced Salsa Dance Steps

Let me guess—you love salsa? And I don’t mean with chips, you love dancing salsa and even better when you’ve got a hot partner to dance with. That’s great! There is nothing like enjoying life well (and legally). If you’ve been dancing salsa for a while now, you know the basic forward and backward dancing steps. It’s really not that difficult to master anyway. It’s time to get an introductory lesson on some advanced salsa dance steps.

Salsa is a cheeky dance with a lot of intricate footwork and eye-catching twists and turns. What are some of these hot, salsa moves? A common turn is the sideway basic (also called the drop side) where you turn to the right and left instead of the typical front and back. The Cuban open step is stepping diagonally to the left and right sides and the side and cross step is taking a step sideways but crossing you’re the right leg over to the left leg.

Salsa Dance Steps – the Moves

The underarm turn the move you call when the woman is twirled clockwise by the man, and the inside turn is when it is done counter clockwise. The spot turn is done by either the two dancers doing a full turn without moving from the spot they’re in. Extension is the basic movement when the man and woman break in different directions which cause arm tension.

Cross body lead is basically switching positions with your partner in a counter clockwise direction. Reverse cross body lead is logically the opposite, which is switching positions in a clockwise manner. Basket is a type of hold when the man takes hold of the woman’s hands which are wrapped around her shoulders. She leans forward while the man leans backwards.

These are only a few of the steps you will learn more about when you progress in salsa. Of course it is always better to learn them not just by reading instructions on how it’s done, but by seeing it and doing it for yourself. Download a good salsa video and follow the dancers’ moves closely. It will give you something to bring with you the next time you go to dance class.

Salsa Dance Steps – the Shoes

If you love salsa the way you do, you must have at least a couple of dance shoes you use. Purchase a pair that will last you a long time. Bloch dance shoes are not only sturdy, but they are very comfortable as well. Make sure they fit your feet well so you will not have to worry about any footwear mishap when you’re out in the dance floor performing with your heart and soul.

Salsa—I mean really, can you really put a price to having fun and enjoying the company of great people? I don’t think so. When you started taking on salsa dance steps, you set yourself on a journey of a lifetime. What are you waiting for? Go get your groove on and move to the beat of this exciting and awesome salsa dance steps today!

Salsa Dance Steps

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