After The Basic Salsa Steps

I know what you’re thinking, salsa is one of the best things that have ever been invented. You’ve learned the basic salsa steps and now you’re ready to take on the more challenging choreography in this spicy Cuban dance.

The basic salsa steps, as you may already know, is the basic forward and backward step. To recap, the lead steps forward with the left foot, then shifts his weight back to the right foot. He puts the left foot back beside the right foot, then he holds for a count. Now, he steps back with the right foot, shifts his weight forward to the left foot, then puts returns back to position. The follower does the mirror opposite of the lead.

Once you master the basic salsa steps, you can embellish it with the fancy moves common to salsa. There are more than a few of them that are sure to catch the audience’s attention. Here are just a few of them: sideway basic, side and cross step, cucaracha step, Cuban open step, underarm turn, inside turn, in-and-out, extension, spot turn, cross body lead, reverse cross body lead, basket and windmill.

When you correctly execute these fun and exciting moves, you will have the viewers eating out of your hand. Remember that you need to master the basic and individual choreography first before you proceed to these more complicated steps. If not, you will just make a short cut and this might turn out to be sloppier and ruin the over-all effect of the dance.

There are many ways to start learning ballroom dancing. You can enroll in a reputable dance studio and start learning dance with a group of people. You can also opt for private lessons which can be a bit more expensive. Ballroom dancing DVDs are an excellent alternative if you prefer private lessons but you are unwilling to go beyond your monthly budget.

A ballroom dancing DVD will help you learn all you need to know about dancing in the comfort and privacy of your room. When you are more comfortable in dancing, you can eventually enroll in a ballroom dance class and enjoy making friends with people of similar passions.

Go to the links in this site and find a fantastic dance instructional DVD to help you with the basic salsa steps today. You can be the absolute best dancer you can be, with the right tool and an indomitable spirit. Enjoy!

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