Dance Instruction Videos – Salsa

Close your eyes. Imagine yourself in an exotic land, sitting in a smoky club and across the room this handsome stranger asks you to dance with him. You mesmerize him with your salsa dance steps and the crowd forms a circle watching both you and him take on the dance floor with your killer moves. If you haven’t had this fantasy before, then you should. Who knows, this can be the sizzling intro to your fantastic dance instruction videos series.

Dance instruction videos don’t have to be boring. It is as fun as you make it. These helpful videos are actually a great way to make you learn the dance you want to perform well.

For example, you want to know more about the salsa. Great! Who doesn’t right? Sometimes enrolling in a class and taking lessons together with an “x” number of students isn’t the best way to learn, at least not for everybody. I know somebody who takes forever to learn a simple choreography that a regular person would just pick up without much effort.

Now if this is you, no worries. This doesn’t mean you are dumb, or that it is impossible for you to learn dance steps. Not at all. There are some individuals who need more time in mastering their coordination skills (especially if these skills have gone underdeveloped for some time). The good news is that if you are willing and committed, you can do anything you want— and this includes being a fantastic salsa ballroom dancer.

Salsa is characterized by the suave and smooth flowing Cuban hip movement. New dancers think that they have to push out their hips and move it in beat with the music but really, this is not how it works. The alluring and sassy hip sway is the natural effect of the right footwork and weight shifts in choreography. When you get this down, the Cuban hip movement will flow spontaneously.

More than the steps and choreography in the dance, it is important that you are able to listen and follow the music closely. You need to find the beat without actually looking like you are doing so deliberately. Be subtle. Practice with your partner often with the music and you will instinctively know the move and flow of the dance without even thinking about it.

It’s one thing to teach you the basics of the salsa, it’s another thing altogether to learn it. You cannot even begin learning salsa dance steps by just reading a short article. You have to watch it, hear the music and do it for yourself. The more you do it, the better you become. An excellent teacher with the right moves is the best tool you can use for ballroom dancing.

Find the most effective dance instruction videos in this site today. Everybody starts somewhere. Be the best that you can be wherever you are. Begin by using these videos. You never know, you could be the one teaching it one day. Enjoy!

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