Easy Salsa Dance Steps

Learn Salsa Dance Steps

Easy Salsa Dance Steps

Is there any dance as hot and spicy as salsa? This exotic form of dance hails from Cuba but is heavily influenced by African-Carribean folklore dancing. It is a dance most closely associated with Latin America but definitely it is much loved throughout the globe. Do you have what it takes to carry off this beautiful dance? Read on for salsa dance steps you can practice today.

Salsa is all about passion, beauty and desire. Download some salsa music and feel the beat and pulsating rhythm of the music. Are you feeling it now? Salsa can be performed solo but more often than not, it is done with a partner. Find an equally spicy partner (or a good friend you can have fun with) and begin to be inspired to move to the beat.

Primary Salsa Dance Steps

The primary steps for salsa are basic forward and backward movements. The man steps forward with the left foot, then shifts his weight back to the right foot, He then steps back with his left foot, holds, and steps back with the right foot. Sway forwards with the left foot, and then steps forward with the right foot. The woman follows the natural opposite of this pattern.

This is the basic ballroom dance steps for salsa. It’s pretty easy and even easier to learn once you have the music playing over the background. Once you have this down, you can add other salsa moves and start to really have fun with it.

Sideways Salsa Dance Steps

The sideway basic step is the same as the basic salsa step but instead of moving forward and backward, you move from side to side. The underarm turn is where the man turns the woman in a clockwise direction, and the inside turn is when she is turned counter clockwise. The spot turn on the other hand, is when any one of the dancers turn a full 360⁰ while maintaining the same spot.

Extension is when the dancers pull towards opposite directions, creating tension between them. In-and-Out is a flashy move when the man extends and pulls his partner with his right hand (cross hand hold), while his left hand over her head pivots her to a 180⁰ turn facing to her left. The man then pushes her out (with measured force of course), and she does another 180⁰ and ends up facing her partner again. This is done very fast.

There are many more salsa ballroom dance steps that you can add to it. More than the movements, you need to remember to pull off the right attitude when dancing with your partner. Be playful and flirtatious. When you connect with your partner this way, the audience can’t help but be drawn to your wordless and sassy communication.

How did you like learning about some easy salsa dance steps? This is just a taste of the real thing. If you want more, go and enroll in a class and have some fun! You never know, you might have been born to dance those salsa dance steps.

Learn Salsa Dance Steps

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