Having Fun With Salsa Dance Steps

Salsa dance steps are a great way to lose weight and have a lot of fun while you’re at it! If you have a few friends who are up to anything and you want to have a party, then you don’t have to look any further than the fun and exciting salsa to liven things up for you.

Like its dip namesake, the salsa dance is spicy and addicting. Its origins is said to have come from Cuba, but the salsa is enjoyed by dancers all throughout the world! It should come as no surprise that reality ballroom dancing shows on television have high ratings when super hot and talented dancers dance this Cuban shimmy in the dance floor.

How about you? Do you want to learn the salsa? If you want to see yourself out there doing a mean salsa, then you will do well to know the basics of the salsa dance steps. The great thing about this is that it looks really complicated and fancy, but once you master the basic steps and movements, it’s really not that hard to pull off.

The basic footwork is pretty easy. For the lead, you step forward with the left foot and shift your weight to the right foot. Then step back with the left foot and hold for a count. Now take a step back with the right foot and shift your weight forward to the left foot. Step forward again with the right foot and begin again. The follower does the opposite of the lead.

This is the basic step. Super simple right? You need to listen closely to the count and rhythm of the music in order to move well with it. When this is second nature to you, you can start incorporating twists, dips and turns into the dance. The sideway basic, Cuban open step, Cucaracha, Underarm turn, Spot, Extension, In and Out, Windmill, Basket, Cross body lead and reverse cross body lead are some of the common and popular moves in the salsa.

You need to remember to pay particular attention to the weight changes in the dance. Don’t dance with flat feet, use the balls of your feet to swivel and move around. When you do, you will notice that your upper body remains virtually steady and your hips move. This is what people call the Cuban hip movement. Beginners usually try to deliberately swing their hips to get this effect, which messes it up. Focus on getting your footwork right and the hips will naturally move how it should.

Most important of all, don’t forget your partner. You can get so engrossed with doing the dancing right that you neglect your dancing partner. Have fun! When you let loose and establish chemistry with your partner, salsa will look so much better and you will enjoy it more as well.

Learn more about salsa dance steps and how you can be a fantastic dancer when you go to the links in this article today. You won’t regret it. Enjoy!

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