How to Do Salsa Dance Steps

Learn Salsa Dance Steps

How to Do Salsa Dance Steps

Salsa is dance which originated from Cuba, but over the years it mixed with other rich cultures to form the dance that we know today. It is a very popular dance that many people are still enjoying. You get some exercise, bust some interesting moves and have fun with other people when you learn how to do salsa dance steps.

This dance can be danced by oneself or a group of people (line dancing is a form of salsa), but it is typically performed with partners. So if you’re going to take a ballroom dancing lesson, it would be a good idea to grab a friend and enjoy this super entertaining hobby and learn your salsa dance steps together.

Learning How to Dance Salsa Dance Steps

There are many ways of learning how to dance. You can go to a studio and enroll for a private lesson with an instructor, or group lessons—either with your own friends or with other people that love dancing as much as you do (both groups should be fun!) You can also go online and find really good ballroom dancing videos that show the viewers the basics of whatever dance you are trying to perform.

First of all, let us talk about the proper positioning and holding between partners. The man and the woman faces each other and the man, the lead, takes his left hand to hold the woman’s right hand. The man’s right hand is positioned around the woman’s waist area. Lastly, the woman’s left hand is placed either on the man’s shoulder or back. Keep the chemistry light and flirty in keeping with the spirit of salsa.

Basic Salsa Dance Steps

This is the basic salsa steps for the men. Step forward with the left foot and rock back to the right foot. Step back again with the left foot and hold for a count. Take a step back with the right foot and rock leaning forward to the left foot. Take a step forward with the right foot. Repeat the steps.

For the woman the steps are as follows. Step back with the right, then rock forward with the left foot. Step forward with the right foot and hold a count. Now step forward with the left and rock back to the right foot. Take a back step with the left and repeat again. You will notice that the woman will basically mirror the man’s steps, but it is important that it is the man that leads and the woman follows.

Fancy Salsa Dance Steps

From this framework of dance, you can add all the other fancy movements to them. Your instructor will show you these other steps when you continue on with your ballroom dancing lesson. With a sparkly costume and the right dance shoes, you may find yourself enjoying it more as the days goes by.

Now the next time you go to a get together, you can put in some salsa music and show your friends some groovy salsa dance steps—this will liven up any party! Who knows, you may end up with more dance classmates when they see how absolutely awesome you’ve become!

Learn Salsa Dance Steps

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