Learn Salsa Basic Step

Do you know that the Salsa basic step isn’t hard at all? It’s true. People see the flash of the costumes and the quickness of the step but actually, you can learn the Salsa basic step in as short as an hour or two!


Salsa Basic Step

The key to know about the Salsa is that this is a social dance. Typically, you are paired with a partner and you have to establish a connection with each other in order to really get into the spirit of Salsa. This is a sassy love story so be sure to do what Justin says and bring the sexy back when you get into your Salsa costume.

For those of you who have a background in ballroom dancing, you know that men are supposed to lead and the woman should allow herself to be led. Women, even if you think you know better (and often times we do), do not decide in advance where you want to go. This is called back leading and whether you know it or not, will show in the over-all effect of the dance.


How to Learn Salsa Basic Step

The man and the woman should be facing each other. The man holds the woman’s right hand using his left hand. His right hand is positioned at the woman’s waist, slightly curving around the back. The woman’s left hand is placed on the man’s shoulder, and the last and most impotant contact – their eyes should be on each other, as if there’s a bubble on each of their heads “You’re hot and I like you!” or something like that.

Acquaint yourself with the music. The man will take a forward step using his left foot and rock back to his right foot. He steps back again with the left foot and holds for a count. He then steps back with the right foot, rocks forward with the left foot, steps forward with the right foot again and repeats the step.

Now, the woman steps back with the right foot, rocks forward with the left foot, and steps forward with the right foot again. She holds for a count. After, she steps forward with the left foot, rocks back with the right foot, steps back with the left foot, and repeats the steps again.

Understandably, this may seem more than a little confusing. It’s harder to get a grasp of the dance when you’re reading it, it’s better when someone teaches you personally, or you watch it yourself. Check out the salsa steps in the links in this site to help you dance better.


Use Video to Learn Your Salsa Basic Step

When you see the video, you will see what I mean that the Salsa basic step isn’t hard at all. You just need some practice and you will be learning the more advanced steps in no time at all. Don’t forget to have fun and let loose when you do the Salsa basic step – this is the secret to capturing the attention of your audience. Be a star and learn to dance this sizzling dance – learn Salsa basic step today!

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