Learn Salsa Steps And Tips

How many of you want to learn salsa steps? This is a great way to have fun, lose weight and bump up your grace and coordination skills as well.

There are many things about the salsa that’s interesting. Did you know that this sexy dance hails from Cuba, but it is marriage of African and European tribal movements? That’s right, when you’re dancing the salsa, you are more than learning an exotic dance from Cuba, you are taking part of a rich cultural heritage from all around the world.

If you study salsa further, you will notice that there are different forms of salsa. There are salsa styles that can be danced solo or with three or four people. The more popular style is the partner salsa, and this is what people use in standard ballroom dancing classes for salsa.

Even if you know the technical steps for the salsa, if you don’t move with the music, there is no point in dancing it. Music is an integral part of dancing, especially in salsa dancing. When you find the beat and are able to effortlessly flow with the music that you are performing to, you are halfway there to looking like a superstar dancer that you know you can be with a few simple lessons.

In traditional salsa, the man is considered the lead and the woman is the follower. Always remember that following your respective roles is one of the most important aspects of ballroom dancing. Men should be able to lead their partner through the dance floor smoothly and the women should let herself be led (and not decide in advance where to go—judges see when you do). Solid partnering skills can be the deciding factor in winning tournaments and competitions.

The basic posture of the salsa is as follows. The man holds the woman’s right hand with his left hand. His right hand is loosely wrapped around the woman’s waist. The woman’s left hand rests on top of the man’s right shoulder. And above all, both individuals should maintain eye contact at all times (except when it is impossible to do so of course).

Now are you ready to learn salsa steps? It’s pretty simple. You just have to do the basic forward and backward step. The man first steps forward with his left foot, and then rocks back to his right foot. Then he resumes position by stepping back with the left foot. Hold for a beat. Next he steps back with the right foot, and rocks forward to the left foot. He then closes by bringing his right foot forward and holding for another count. The follower does the opposite of the lead (left to right, forward to backward, etc.)

When you master the very simple basic steps for the salsa, you can now incorporate the fancy twists and turns into the dance.

The sideway basic is like the aforementioned steps, only instead of forward and backward you go right and left. The Cucaracha is a famous salsa move where you do the basic steps again, with breaks to the sides in time with the beats of the music. The Underarm turn is where the man twirls the woman around under his arm in a clockwise direction, and the Inside turn is the counterclockwise variation of this.

The Basket is a move where the woman’s arms are wrapped around herself while the man stays behind her holding her hands. The man pulls back as the woman breaks forward. The Windmill is like a typical turn, but instead of the man holding his hands up to turn the woman, he extends and loops the arms up and down.

These are just some of the extra moves of salsa dancing. There are more, but remember that you should master the simple steps first before you proceed to the more advanced steps. Dance with the balls of your feet and keep your knees bent to make changes in the steps easier. Don’t look down because this can trip you. Instead, look to your partner’s eyes and have fun!

Learn salsa steps and other exciting ballroom dancing styles when you visit the links in this site today. Live life well and dance with all of your heart. Enjoy!

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