Learn Salsa Steps Effectively

Everybody wants to learn Salsa steps. It’s a fun and sexy dance that is sure to grab the attention of your audience if you do it right. Get inspired to get your Salsa groove on as you absorb these helpful tips right now!

Learn Salsa Steps

Learn Salsa Steps – Do the Salsa!

Salsa is all about getting the vibe of the dance. If you have ever watched salsa videos or movies that incorporated salsa in their theme, this dance exudes a sassy and flirtatious energy that the dancer must embody. No matter how technically perfect you are, a sour face does not a sexy dancer make.

Because of its Cuban origin, expect a festive and colorful atmosphere when you do the salsa. The beat in Salsa music is so catchy that even spectators cannot help but bop their head to the beat. Before you learn salsa steps, get a feel for the music and the vibe of the dance.

The basic footwork in the Salsa is pretty easy. The man holds the woman’s right hand and waist. The woman’s left hand is placed on the man’s shoulder. The man takes a forward step with the left foot and shifts his weight back to the right foot. He takes a step back with the left foot and holds the beat. Now he takes a back step with the right foot, and shifts his weight forward with the left foot. He steps forward with the right foot and repeats the step. The woman’s part is the opposite of the man.

Practice these basic Salsa steps repeatedly until you have mastered them. Once you have, you can add in the more complicated steps to make it more interesting. Some examples of these steps are: sideway basic, side and cross step, Cuban open step, Cucaracha, underarm turn, inside turn, spot turn, extension, in-and-out, cross body lead, reverse cross body lead, basket and the windmill.


Learn Salsa Steps

as You Dance the Salsa!
As you dance Salsa, keep in mind that you should never look down on your feet as you dance. This will only confuse you and trip you up. Look instead to your partner’s eyes and focus on enjoying each other’s company. When you relax and go with the flow, you will be surprised just how easy it is to learn Salsa steps.


Learn Salsa Steps Like a Professional!

Another tip that professional dancers use is to take smaller steps whenever possible. This will transition you to your next step more easily because you are able to balance yourself better. Dance with the balls of your foot and never lead with the heel. When you do the footwork right, the characteristic hip movement of the dance will flow naturally. You do not need to sway your hips deliberately. Doing so may mess up the over-all feel of the dance.

Definitely it will take a few sessions before you can dance your way to salsa perfection, but don’t give up. If you love to dance and are willing to learn Salsa steps, then don’t quit until you achieved your goal to dance exquisite ballroom Salsa steps!

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