Learning Basic Salsa Steps

Basic Salsa Steps

Basic Salsa Steps

If you want to know how to have fun, you will want to know the basic salsa steps. Salsa is a fun and sassy dance that has been enjoyed and celebrated by people from all over the world for some time now.

What do you need to know about salsa? It is an exciting dance that has its origins in Cuba. It can be danced solo or in groups, but the most popular form of salsa is when you dance it with a partner. Salsa is included in international dance competitions all over the world. However, if you just want to learn the dance steps for salsa for fun, there are two things you must do first.

Basic Salsa Steps – All in the Attitude!

First is your attitude. You need to give off a confident and sexy vibe when you dance salsa. This is what will initially attract your audience to you. I don’t mean to say look like a hoochie, or be arrogant. Not at all. Know who you are and have fun with that. When you release good energy like this, half the battle is already won.

Another thing you have to get into your system before you learn the steps is to have a feel for the music of salsa. So how do you do this? Well, it’s something that can’t really be taught. Get the beat of the sound, see yourself as the sexy and sassy dancer that salsa embodies, and begin to move. It would be great if you have some salsa music somewhere that you can play even if you’re not dancing. The more you have a feel for salsa, the better you’ll be able to dance.


To Learn Basic Salsa Steps …

Alright, now we can proceed to the basic dance posture and steps of salsa. The man and the woman face each other in the beginning of the dance. The man’s left hand holds the woman’s right hand; and his right hand is lightly placed on the woman’s waist, slightly circling her back. The woman’s left hand rests on the man’s shoulder.

Since the man is going to lead, I will include the man’s basic footwork here and the woman’s steps are just the natural opposite of it. The man taps his foot on the first beat, then takes a left step forward in the next beat. He shifts his weight back to the right foot, and he takes a step back with the left foot. Hold for a count. Now, he takes a right step backwards and rocks forwards to his left foot; then he steps forward with his right foot. The steps are repeated.

It is important to remember to dance the basic Salsa steps on the balls of the feet. It is very awkward to see a couple dancing on flat feet. The woman should be more expressive with her hips, but not exaggerate it to the point of looking almost wanton. Think flirty and sassy. Always have fun and you’ll have the basic Salsa steps down in no time at all.

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