Salsa Dance Shoes

You love salsa. You also love shoes. You must therefore be a huge fan of salsa dance shoes. These little beauties are not only fantastic to look at— they will help you give your best performance every time.

It’s really important that you invest in a good pair of salsa dance shoes if you are taking up ballroom dancing for more than a few months now. I mean can you imagine using your regular footwear for playing basketball or ice skating? Of course not! Doing so will spell doom for your poor feet, causing you certain injuries in the long run.

So can you imagine how dangerous it can be if you use a pair of shoes that are not acclimatized for dancing? Slips, long-term knee injuries are just some of the mishaps you will encounter in the dance floor. You will save yourself a lot of pain and trouble if you invest in ballroom dancing shoes early on in your dancing career.

What do you look for in salsa dance shoes? The construction and material used in dance shoes are very different from the average pair. For one thing, dance shoes are more flexible and lightweight. This is critical so that you do not have to overly exert pressure on your feet just so you can turn or bend the shoe for a particular step. This will save your feet from a lot of pain and fatigue.

Salsa dancing entails a lot of twists and turns, so make sure that your shoe is fitted with snug straps and buckles. Added heel support and foot pad cushioning will greatly alleviate the aches and soreness that dancer’s feet are constantly subjected to. When your feet are not as tired and sore, you will be able to turn out a good performance.

The heels are an important consideration in buying dancing shoes. Beginners should start with a lower heel height (maybe 1 ½ inches or so). As you progress in dancing, you can increase the heel height but limit it to 2 ½ inches to spills and falls. The heels should be covered in soft suede and not leather and rubber. Suede is the ideal material that has the best grip and glide in the hardwood floor.

Ballroom dance shoes can cost you around $80 to $150 per pair so take care of it as well. Preserve it as long as possible by using it only for dancing purposes. Because it is not as thick as the regular footwear, and because it is made with special materials, it will not last as long if you use it all the time. Carry it in a separate bag when you go to your dancing sessions and keep it away from damp and dirt.

You can find many styles of salsa dance shoes in the links provided in this site. Make sure you get the correct size because a shoe that is too tight might make you too uncomfortable, and loose footwear might jeopardize your over-all performance. You can also get your other dancing needs when you visit this online dance store today.

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